Backup Game Saves Locally in ARK: Survival Evolved

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If you are here, you probably already have some knowledge on how to use and connect to your server via FTP. This article is for you to learn how to create local Backups of your game saves.
If you do not know how to use FTP or do not have a client installed, please refer to our Wiki article: "FTP - FileZilla"

NOTE: This does not apply to console servers; We cannot provide any access to the FTP system or save games of any Xbox One or PS4 unofficial hosted services.

Making a Local Backup for ARK:SE Game Saves

1. Stop the server and wait 5 approximately minutes.
2. Connect to your server via FTP using the credentials found on your Nitrado web interface.
3. Create a new Directory on your "Local site." (This will be for your saves)
4. Navigate your game save file path on the "Remote Site".

  • Ark:SE > ShooterGame > Saved > SavedArks

5. Click and drag the Game save folder (SavedARKs) to the directory you made on the "Local Site"


How Do I Restore My Game Save?

1. Stop the server.
2. Wait a few minutes, and make sure all the settings match your previous game, such as name, map, and configurations.
3. Connect via FTP to the server, and navigate your file path on the "Remote Site" to find your game save folder.

  • Ark:SE > ShooterGame > Saved > SavedArks

4. Rename your current "SavedArks" folder to "SavedArks_Old"
5. Drag The desired ARK game save folder (SavedArks) from your "local site" to the "Remote Site"
6. Change the ".ark" file extension to ".ark.gz" of all map save files (should have this format: Fjordur_12.09.2022_23.18.12.ark.gz).


7. Exit from the FTP client, and refresh the server's web interface. You should now see the map backups available, which you can load up.