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Servermod: Bukkit‎
Category: admin tool
Developer: codename_B
Developer Website: DevBukkit
Description: Basic administration tool
Features: Supports BukkitPermissions
Download: Link

What is bPermissions?
bPermissions is a Bukkit plugin which supports Bukkit in permission management.


Step 1 - download bPermissions
To download bPermissions you have to go to the Dev-Bukkit project page and download it.
Step 2 - installb Permissions
You have to stop your server and upload the bPermissions.jar to the plugins folder. You can do this by using the Webinterface or FTP. Now you only have to start the server again and you are done.


Path:: /plugins/bPermissions/config.yml

    port: '3306'
    username: minecraft
    hostname: localhost
    password: minecraft
    database: bPermissions

In this part, your MySQL data should be entered.

    global-command: global
    world-command: world
    add-node: addnode
    set-group: setgroup
    list-node: lsnode
    add-group: addgroup
    local-command: local
    remove-node: rmnode
    list-group: lsgroup
    remove-group: rmgroup

You can edit these commands but it is NOT recommended.

permission-type: yaml

You can set if the plugin should use yaml or MySQL.

use-iplock: true


promote-player: promote

How should the "promote command" be called? In this case it is just "promote"

override-player: false

This setting enables the '*' function.

demote-player: demote

How should the "demote command" be called? In this case it is just "demote"


Path: /plugins/bPermissions/worlds/worlds.yml

default: gast

This will set the default group.

    - guest
    - member
    - helper
    - admin
    - guest

Every user in a specified group gets written in here. The player "TestUser" is in the group guest, member, helper, admin. "TestUser2" only in the guest group.

    - prefix.0.gast
    - suffix.0.imnew
    - bukkit.broadcast.user
    - prefix.1.default
    - suffix.1.member
    - bPermissions.build
    - bukkit.broadcast.user
    - essentials.chat.shout

Every group should have "prefix.0.gast" and"suffix.0.imnew". These 2 Permission-Nodes are used for chatplugins (e.g. iChat).

    - *
    - prefix.100.admin
    - suffix.100.over9000
    - bPermissions.admin
    - bukkit.broadcast
    - bukkit.broadcast.admin
    - bukkit.command
    - bukkit.command.give
    - bukkit.command.help
    - bukkit.command.kill
    - bukkit.command.list
    - bukkit.command.me
    - bukkit.command.op
    - bukkit.command.op.give
    - bukkit.command.op.take
    - bukkit.command.plugins
    - bukkit.command.reload
    - bukkit.command.save
    - bukkit.command.save.disable
    - bukkit.command.save.enable
    - bukkit.command.save.perform
    - bukkit.command.say
    - bukkit.command.stop
    - bukkit.command.teleport
    - bukkit.command.tell
    - bukkit.command.time
    - bukkit.command.time.add
    - bukkit.command.time.set
    - bukkit.command.version
    - bukkit.command.whitelist
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.add
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.disable
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.enable
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.list
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.reload
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.remove
    - craftbukkit

These permission nodes are the "Standars-Permission-Nodes" an admin has. Every admin needs those Permission-Nodes (except he has the '*' node)


bPermissions supports a new kind of prefix and suffix. It looks like this:

     - prefix.0.gast
     - suffix.0.imnew

The priority is the number between "prefix/suffix" and the description "gast/imnew". In this case the priority is set to "0". That means that the Prefixes/Suffixes of guests will always be 0. But the Prefixes/Suffixes of the members is 1. If a player is a member of 2 different groups it will always choose the higher priority.


bPermissions allows the conversion of older permission systems to bPermissions. Supported are: Permissions 3, GroupManager (Essentials), PermissionsBukkit and PermissionsEx.


1) Only delete the .jar No folders, nothing else!
2) Kick everyone from the server except yourself.
3) "/p import [SYSTEM]" - Enter this command. The server will freeze for a short time. The server log will update you about what gets converted.

p3 = Permissions 3
gm = GroupManager
pb = PermissionsBukkit
pex = PermissionsEx

4) You'll get a message telling you that it was converted succesfully.