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What is bPermissions?
bPermissions is a Bukkit plugin that supports permissions management.


Step 1 - Download bPermissions
In order to download bPermissions, you have to go to the Dev-Bukkit project webpage and download it.
Step 2 - Install bPermissions
You must stop your server and load bPermissions.jar in the plugins folder. You can do it through the Web Interface or FTP. After this, you need to restart your server, and you're all set.


Path:: /plugins/bPermissions/config.yml

    port: '3306'
    username: minecraft
    hostname: localhost
    password: minecraft
    database: bPermissions

You will need to enter your MySQL credentials here.


    global-command: global
    world-command: world
    add-node: addnode
    set-group: setgroup
    list-node: lsnode
    add-group: addgroup
    local-command: local
    remove-node: rmnode
    list-group: lsgroup
    remove-group: rmgroup

You can edit these commands, but it is NOT recommended.

permission-type: yaml

You can establish here if the add-on uses yaml or MySQL.

use-iplock: true


promote-player: promote

How should the "promote command be used"? In this case, as simple as "promote".

override-player: false

This configuration enables the function '*'.

demote-player: demote

How should the "demote command be used"? In this case, as simple as "demote"


Path: /plugins/bPermissions/worlds/worlds.yml

default: gast

This will establish the default group.

    - guest
    - member
    - helper
    - admin
    - guest

All users of a specific group are written here. The player "TestUser" is in the guest, member, helper, and admin groups. "TestUser2" only in the guest group.

    - prefix.0.gast
    - suffix.0.imnew
    - bukkit.broadcast.user
    - prefix.1.default
    - suffix.1.member
    - bPermissions.build
    - bukkit.broadcast.user
    - essentials.chat.shout

Every group must have "prefix.0.gast" and "suffix.0.imnew". These 2 permission nodes are use for chat plugins (iChat, for instance).

    - *
    - prefix.100.admin
    - suffix.100.over9000
    - bPermissions.admin
    - bukkit.broadcast
    - bukkit.broadcast.admin
    - bukkit.command
    - bukkit.command.give
    - bukkit.command.help
    - bukkit.command.kill
    - bukkit.command.list
    - bukkit.command.me
    - bukkit.command.op
    - bukkit.command.op.give
    - bukkit.command.op.take
    - bukkit.command.plugins
    - bukkit.command.reload
    - bukkit.command.save
    - bukkit.command.save.disable
    - bukkit.command.save.enable
    - bukkit.command.save.perform
    - bukkit.command.say
    - bukkit.command.stop
    - bukkit.command.teleport
    - bukkit.command.tell
    - bukkit.command.time
    - bukkit.command.time.add
    - bukkit.command.time.set
    - bukkit.command.version
    - bukkit.command.whitelist
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.add
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.disable
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.enable
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.list
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.reload
    - bukkit.command.whitelist.remove
    - craftbukkit

These group nodes are the "Standard permission nodes" for an admin. Every admin needs these (except the one that has the '*' node)


bPermissions Allows a new type of suffix and prefix. It looks like this:

     - prefix.0.gast
     - suffix.0.imnew

Priotity is the number between "prefix / suffix" and the description "gast / imnew". In this case, priority is set to "0". This means that the Prefixes / Suffixes of the guests will always be 0. But the Suffixes / Prefixes of the members will be set to 1. If a player is member of two different groups, the highest priority will always be set.


bPermissions allows system conversion of permission managers older than bPermissions: Permissions3, GroupManager (Essentials), PermissionsBukkit and PermissionsEx are allowed.

Step by step

1) Delete the .jar file only No folders!<br 2) Kick all the players from the server but you.
3) "/p import [SYSTEM]" - Enter this command. The server will freeze for a short period of time. The server log will let you know what is going on. "[SYSTEMS]"

p3 = Permissions 3
gm = GroupManager
pb = PermissionsBukkit
pex = PermissionsEx

4) You will get a message letting you know that the conversion was successful.