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[[File:Microsoft Subscription Overview.png|mini|without|Overview of Microsoft Subscriptions]]
Clicking on "Manage" will show you all the information about the selected renewal
Clicking on "Manage" will show you all the information about the selected renewal

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Rent your own server at nitrado.net

Nitrado offers a convenient way to automatically extend the game servers.
There are two different kinds of extensions

  • Automatic extension (Nitrado)
  • External extension

Automatic extension

The automatic extension is directly active when ordering a server, if it was not deactivated.

In the list of payment methods at the end of the order process, the automatic renewal can be activated or deactivated.

Automatic renewal in order process


In order to use the automatic renewal, it is necessary to make the first charge via PayPal or credit card (VISA, MasterCard, ...) and to set this as preferred payment method

Preferred paymentoption.png

External extension

Since servers for games on Xbox or from the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 cannot be ordered on our site, external renewal can be enabled here.

Rent your own server at nitrado.net

The "Automatic Extension" feature can be activated with the purchase of any new server purchased through the Nitrado Xbox App.

Note: You can pick up the Nitrado Xbox App on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10 and Xbox devices: Get the Nitrado Xbox App

Activating Automatic Extension

Please follow the steps below to activate the "Automatic Extension" feature:

  • Open the Nitrado Xbox App and log into your Nitrado account
  • Select the game, location, and slots you prefer
  • Check the "Automatic Extension" option to activate the subscription feature
  • Click "Subscribe" and confirm the purchase

Your service will now automatically extend at the end of your Runtime. On your "My Services" page, you will show the server is set to extend automatically:

Disable automatic extension

If this feature is not desired, it can be easily deactivated in the "My Services" overview

configuring/deactivating automatic renewal.

To do this, it is only necessary to set the setting to "Deactivate automatic renewal".
In addition, the payment method or the period of time for how long the server should be extended can also be set here

disable or configure extension

Disable external extension

For external renewals, this is a bit different, as all payment transactions are handled through the Microsoft Store.
For this reason, it is necessary to disable the extension at Microsoft

External renewal.png

Manage Microsoft subscriptions

You can manage subscriptions in your Microsoft account at the following link:

Clicking on "Manage" will show you all the information about the selected renewal


If you want to disable auto-renewal here, just click on Disable recurring billing to start the process.