Arma 2 Epoch Taviana

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Installation: Preparations

  • Backup the files dayz_server.pbo and DayZ_Epoch_13.Tavi.pbo if you want to use them after installation.
  • First you have to make sure the configuration looks like this:
Mod/Map: Epoch Map: Chernarus
Timezone: What you'd like
Taviana Version: 2.0 (The @taviana folder is created on the server).
Reset map: Recommended for installing over an existing installation.
Vehicle Limit: Arbitrary, should match the number in dayz_server.pbo in the path dayz_server\missions\DayZ_Epoch_13.Tavi\dynamic_vehicle.sqf
Maximum age of building and empty tents: Arbitrary
Battleye Extended Controls (BEC): Recommended
DayZ Anti Hax: Not recommneded because InfiStar Anti Hax is recommended.
  • Once this has been saved and the server has installed itself, it needs to be stopped.
  • FTP to the server via an FTP such as Filezilla to make the following changes:
Rename folder @DayZ_Epoch to @DayZ_Epoch_1051 
Rename Folder @taviana to @DayZ_Epoch
  • Then go to the folder /dayz/dayz_1.epoch.chernarus and edit the file server_config.cfg:
template = DayZ_Epoch_13.Tavi; (Originally dayz_private_1.epoch.chernarus;)
  • Now you can upload the previously downloaded dayz_server.pbo file to the @DayZ_Epoch_Server folder. The existing file must be deleted.
  • The same applies to the DayZ_Epoch_13.Tavi.pbo file which can be uploaded to the mpmissions folder. The existing file must also be deleted here.
  • Insert the keys from the attachment into the folder keys on the server.
  • Finally, you have to enter the following in the web interface under "Additional Mods": @DayZ_Epoch_1051
  • Start your server.

Please note:

If something has been changed in "Maps" during the installation in the config or in the web interface, the system automatically renames some folders.

In the folder @DayZ_Epoch a second Addons folder will have been created. This folder can be deleted if there are no Taviana files visible. The other Addons folder should contain Taviana files. This folder must be renamed from Addons to addons.

In the folder @DayZ_Epoch_Server the already existing dayz_server.pbo must be replaced by the previously downloaded backup if it is to be used.

If all steps have been performed correctly, ARMA II should now start as desired with the working Taviana map for the Epoch Mod.