Administrator Commands in Post Scriptum

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Administrator Commands

To open the console, within the game, press the ~ button (the key above TAB and below ESC) to show the console window. Note that Post Scriptum uses exactly the same commands / settings as Squad servers.

RCON Comando de Administrador Acceso Argumentos Descripción
Yes AdminKick kick AdminKick <PlayerName or SteamID> <Reason> Suspend a player from the server

Example: Adminkick PlayerTest Exploit Abuse

Yes AdminKickById kick AdminKickById <PlayerID> <Reason> Suspend a player from the server by ID

Example: AdminKickById 75 Exploit abuse

Yes AdminBan ban AdminBan <PlayerName or SteamID> <TimeBan> <Reason> Kick a player from the server for the desired time. 0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Month, etc

Example: Adminban Hodor 1M Attack Main Base

Yes AdminBanById ban AdminBanById <PlayerID> <TimeBan> <Reason> Kick a player from the server with the ID for the desired time. 0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Month, etc

Example: AdminBanById 75 1M Attack main base

Yes AdminBroadcast chat AdminBroadcast <Message> Sends a system message to all players on the server.

Example: AdminBroadcast Restarting the game

No ChatToAdmin chat ChatToAdmin <Message> Sends a system message to all administrators on the server.

Same as the other chats, but can only be seen by administrators.

Yes AdminEndMatch pause AdminEndMatch Order the server to finish the game immediately.
No AdminPauseMatch pause AdminPauseMatch Orders the server to put the game on hold.
No AdminUnpauseMatch pause AdminUnpauseMatch Order the server to remove the wait.
Yes AdminChangeMap changemap AdminChangeMap <MapName> Change the map and travel to it immediately
Yes AdminSetNextMap changemap AdminSetNextMap <MapName> Set the next map to travel to after this match ends
Yes AdminSetMaxNumPlayers config AdminSetMaxNumPlayers <NumPlayers> Set the maximum number of players for this server
Yes AdminSetServerPassword private AdminSetServerPassword <Password> Set the password for the server or use "" to remove it
Yes AdminSlomo cheat AdminSlomo <TimeDelay> Set the clock speed on the server 0.1 is 10% of the normal speed 2.0 is twice the normal speed
Yes AdminForceTeamChange forceteamchange AdminForceTeamChange <PlayerName or SteamID> Trade a team player.
Yes AdminForceTeamChangeById forceteamchange AdminForceTeamChangeById <PlayerID> Trade a team player by their ID.
No AdminAlwaysValidPlacement cheat AdminAlwaysValidPlacement <0>|<1> Configure the server to ignore placement rules for deployable devices.
No AdminDisableVehicleClaiming cheat AdminDisableVehicleClaiming <0>|<1> Configure the server to disable vehicle reclamation.
No AdminAllKitsAvailable cheat AdminAllKitsAvailable <0>|<1> Configure the server to ignore kit restrictions.
No AdminNetTestStart debug AdminNetTestStart Starts the network test and prints it to the client records.
No AdminNetTestStop debug AdminNetTestStop Stops the network test and prints it to the client logs.
Yes AdminListDisconnectedPlayers kick AdminListDisconnectedPlayers List the IDs of recently disconnected players with the associated player's name and their SteamId.
No TraceViewToggle FeatureTest TraceViewToggle Runs a stroke from the center of the screen to any object and displays information about that object.
No AdminCreateVehicle FeatureTest AdminCreateVehicle <linkVehicle> It allows you to build a vehicle on unlicensed servers or on a local server.
Yes AdminDemoteCommander kick AdminDemoteCommander <PlayerName or SteamID> Demote a commander specified by player name or Steam ID.
Yes AdminDemoteCommanderById kick AdminDemoteCommander <PlayerID> Demote a Commander with Server Id.
Yes AdminDisbandSquad kick AdminDisbandSquad <TeamNumber = [1|2]> <SquadIndex> Dissolve the specified equipment.
Yes AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad kick AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad <PlayerName> Remove a player from your team without suspending them from the server.
Yes AdminRemovePlayerFromSquadById kick AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad <PlayerID> Remove a player from your team without suspending him from the server, via ID.
Yes AdminWarn kick AdminWarn <PlayerName or SteamID> <Reason> Warns a server player for being abusive.
Yes AdminWarnById kick AdminWarnById <PlayerName or SteamID> <Reason> Warns a player with their server id for being abusive.
No AdminForceNetUpdateOnClientSaturation debug AdminForceNetUpdateOnClientSaturation <0>|<1> If enabled, when a connection becomes saturated, all remaining players who failed to complete replication will receive a ForceNetUpdate call.
No AdminProfileServer debug AdminProfileServer <SecondsToProfileFor> <0>|<1> Starts profiling on the server for a fixed period of time, after which the profiling data is saved to disk.
No AdminSetRaasSeed changemap AdminSetRaasSeed <Seed> Sets the seed for the Raas maps traveled after this game ends.
Yes AdminRestartMatch pause AdminRestartMatch Order the server to restart the game.
No AdminSetPublicQueueLimit config AdminSetPublicQueueLimit <Number> = 25 Will limit the waiting list to 25

= 0 It means that there will be no waiting list, so non-administrators and all other players will not be able to join

= -1 Unlimited waiting list