Admin Commands on Red Orchestra 2

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Open the Console

To access the console and be able to enter the following commands, it is necessary to press the "~" key.


Commands Description
ADMIN SWITCHLEVEL [mapname?game= gametype?mutator= mutator] Changes the current level to the specified level, game type and mutators
ADMIN [command] To use other commands that are not in this section
ADMINLOGIN [password] Log in as the administrator to the server with the specified password
ADMINLOGOUT Close the administrator session on the server
ADMIN SET UWeb.Webserver bEnabled True Allow the remote admin to check your redorchestra.ini file UWeb.Webserver is the header, bEnabled is the setting, and True/False are the values that can be used to change any INI file settings while in game
ADMIN KICK [Player's name] Kick a player from the server
ADMIN KICKBAN [Player's name] Kick and ban a player from the server
ADMIN RESETGAME Reset the map to initial values
ADMIN RESTARTMAP Fully reload the map again
LISTPLAYERS Gives a list of all players with ID and player number.