Admin Commands in Reign of Kings

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Command & Permissions List

These commands are executed by typing // COMMAND into your chat boxes The result before pressing enter then reverts to a single forward slash Example: /Shutdown

Access to the commands are defined by the permissions class for each Group class

/ban username (days), (reason) codehatch.admin.ban Bans a player with options for a number of days and with a reason
/banlist (username) codehatch.admin.ban lists all users that have been banned or alternatively search the userlist for (username)
/bettergui none rok.ui.switchlayout No effect, last tested on Alpha 10
/build (sphere or cube) (radius) (material ID) none Example /build cube 4 0 will delete any blocks within a 4 block cube infront of you
/buildreport (userName) unknown dumps a text file to the server
/butcher radius (“silent”) rok.objects.butcher
/clearInv (userName) rok.items.clear rok.items.clear.others clears the inventory of all items
/config codehatch.admin.server.edit Modifies the server config or displays the entire config
/config get (key)
/config set (key) (value)
/fly (userName) @Alpha 10, doesn't work when giving it to others, use instead /permission user USERNAME add
/give (amount) (item) (userName) Gives (quantity) of (ItemID) to (Username)
/giveall rok.tems.giveall
/godmode (username) rok.admin.godmode Disabled in Alpha 8,9 & 10
/guild (message) sends a message to your Guild Example: /guild Hi everyone!
/heal (userName) heals user/username to full health
/help (command) lists info on all commands or just the command specified
/hydrate (username) Quenches thirst
/instantbuild codehatch.blocks.debug disables the build block animation
/itemlist (search string) rok.items.give Lists all items that can be used with /give [search string] can be used to filter the list
/kick (username) codehatch.admin.kick
/killall (radius) (“silent”) rok.objects.butcher kills all monsters, critters within the radius
/killbyblueprint (type) (radius) (“silent”)
/killbytype (type) (radius) (“silent”)
/list Outputs a list of all online players in to the chatbox
/logout disconnects from the server, if this is the serverhost, shuts the server down. In Alpha 10, seems to log you out to some xtent, but then you lose user inputbut doesnt fully
/me (message string) Example: /me This is a test!
/nosecurity Toggles security On or Off(Door locks, chests etc)
/notice (message string) codehatch.server.notice displays a message in chat from the server
/nourish (username) Satisfies hunger
/objectDebug rok.admin.debug Toggles object debugging on and off
/pageDebug rok.admin.debug Toggles paging debug mode
/permissions reload
/permissions users
/permissions user (username) (add or remove)
/permissions user (username) nameformat (format) Edits the name format by writing directly to the permissions.cfg.
/permissions user (username) removegroup (groupname) Removes the player from their defined Usergroup as stated in the permissions.cfg by writing directly to that cfg
/permissions user (username) addgroup (groupname) Adds the player to a defined group in the permissions.cfg by writing directly to that cfg and has immediate effect
/permissions user (username) chatformat (format)
/permissions user (username) setprimary (groupname) Disabled in Alpha's 8,9,10
/permissions group (groupname) add (permission)
/permissions group (groupname) remove (permission)
/popup (message string) rok.ui.question Shows a popup message to all players
/question (message string) Supposed to shows a popup question to all players with a yes or no option to answer. Not every player sees it (Alpha 10)
/registry list lists players from userlist.cfg
/registry remove (Username) removes a player from userlist.cfg
/registry clear clears userlist.cfg
/registry reload
/registry rename (Username) (newname)
/report (username) Dumps a report to the server
/say (username) (message string) Forces a (userName) to say a (message)
/serverFPS Toggles server fps being displayed in chat(For all players)
/shownametags Makes everyones nametag permanently visible. (Local effect on the client running the command)
/shutdown codehatch.admin.shutdown Saves then stops the server
/stophunger (username) Disabled in Alpha's 8,9,10. Stops hunger occuring
/stopthirst (username) Disabled in Alpha's 8,9,10. Stops dehydration occuring
/suicide allows players to kill themselves
/time (pause or unpause) rok.environment.time Stops or starts time advancing
/time (forward or reverse) (timespeed) 1,2,0.5 etc rok.environment.time Rolls time forwards or backwards
/time reset rok.environment.time reverts to default time setting
/time set (noon, night, dawn, dusk, (hour)) rok.environment.time
/tp (x,y coords) (username) rok.teleport, rok.teleport.coord, rok.teleport.user, rok.teleport.origin Example: /tp -160 -475
/tp - teleports to somewhere in the hayfields
/tp (Username)
/tp (Username) (x,y coords)
/tp (Username) (to Username)
/unban (username / index) codehatch.admin.ban unbans the desired player either by username or by ID referenced with /banlist
/videofly rok.admin.videofly This works but is partially broken, in that it requires a game restart to break out of the camera effect
/weather pause
/weather reset
/weather overcast (clear, low, medium, heavy, cloudy)
/whitelist "-codehatch.admin.whitelist"
/whitelist enable
/whitelist disable
/whitelist getbyname (username)
/whitelist get (ID number)
/whitelist addbyname (Username) (add a note)
/whitelist removebyname (Username) (add a note)
/whitelist remove (ID number)