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[[Category: Issue starmade]]
[[Category: Issue starmade]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[es:Comandos de Administrador en Star Made]]

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Admin Commands

All commands are executed by typing a forward slash / in the chat window, followed by the command. To open the chat use the Backspace key

These are the Star Made Administrator commands

Comando Example Description
server_message_broadcast /server_message_broadcast info "Hello server!" Shows a message to al players.
server_message_to /server_message_to info Schema "Hello Schema!" Sends a message to an specific player.
kick /kick Schema Kick a player.
kill_character /kill_character Schema Kills an entity with the specific name.
last_changed /last_changed Shows unique ID of the playes that spawned or modified the structure.
ban_name /ban_name Schema Ban a player from the server.
ban_ip /ban_ip 133.713.371.337 Ban a player from IP.
list_banned_name /list_banned_name Shows a list of all banned players.
list_banned_ip /list_banned_ip Shows a list of all banned IPs.
unban_name /unban_name Schema Unban a player
unban_ip /unban_ip 133.713.371.337 Unban an IP.
teleport_to /teleport_to Schema 0.0 1.0 3.5 Tp to the next controlled entity.
teleport_self_to /teleport_self_to 0.0 1.0 3.5 Tp the next entity controlled to you.
change_sector_for /change_sector_for Schema 2 3 4 Tp a player to any sector.
tp_to /tp_to Schema Tp to a player location.
tp /tp Schema Tp a player to your position.
add_admin /add_admin Schema Grants admin rights to a player
list_admins /list_admins Shows all players with admin rights.
remove_admin /remove_admin Schema Removes all admin rights from a player
force_save /force_save Server will save all info to disk.
shutdown /shutdown 120 Turn of the server after specified time.
god_mode /god_mode schema true Enables god mode.
invisibility_mode /invisiblity_mode schema true Enables invisibility.
creative_mode /creative_mode schema true Enables creative mode.