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Administrator Commands

To enter a command, you will need to open the command console. On your keyboard, you can access the console by pressing the ~ key twice (the key above TAB and below ESC).

RCON Command Access Arguments Description
Yes AdminKick kick AdminKick <Playername o SteamID> <Reason> Kick a player.

Example: Adminkick JugadorPrueba exploits

Yes AdminKickById kick AdminKickById <playerID> <Reason> Kick a player by ID

Example: AdminKickById 75 exploits

Yes AdminBan ban AdminBan <Playername o SteamID> <Bantime> <Reason> Kicks a player for specified time. 0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Month, etc

 : Adminban Hodor 1M Griefing

Yes AdminBanById ban AdminBanById <playerID> <BanTime> <Reason> Kicks a player with specific ID for specific time 0 = Perm, 1d = 1 Day, 1M = 1 Mont, etc

Example : AdminBanById 75 1M Griefing

Yes AdminBroadcast chat AdminBroadcast <Message> Sends a message to all players

Example: AdminBroadcast Welcome to the Himalayas

No ChatToAdmin chat ChatToAdmin <Message> Sends a message to all admins
Yes AdminEndMatch pause AdminEndMatch Ends match
No AdminPauseMatch pause AdminPauseMatch Pauses match
No AdminUnpauseMatch pause AdminUnpauseMatch Unpauses match
Yes AdminChangeMap changemap AdminChangeMap <MapName> Changes map
Yes AdminSetNextMap changemap AdminSetNextMap <MapName> Sets the next map after ending the match
Yes AdminSetMaxNumPlayers config AdminSetMaxNumPlayers <Numberofplayers> Sets max players for this server.
Yes AdminSetServerPassword private AdminSetServerPassword <Password> Sets server password, use "" to delete it
Yes AdminSlomo cheat AdminSlomo <TimeDelay> Sets time speed in the server
Yes AdminForceTeamChange forceteamchange AdminForceTeamChange <playerID or SteamID> Change a player's team.
Yes AdminForceTeamChangeById forceteamchange AdminForceTeamChangeById <playerID> Change a player's team by his ID.
No AdminAlwaysValidPlacement cheat AdminAlwaysValidPlacement <0>|<1> Config the server to ignore rules of placement for admins
No AdminDisableVehicleClaiming cheat AdminDisableVehicleClaiming <0>|<1> Config the server to enable/disable vehicle claiming
No AdminAllKitsAvailable cheat AdminAllKitsAvailable <0>|<1> Config the server to ignore kit's restrictions
No AdminNetTestStart debug AdminNetTestStart Starts net test and prints results in client's registry
No AdminNetTestStop debug AdminNetTestStop Stops net test and prints results in client's registry
Yes AdminListDisconnectedPlayers kick AdminListDisconnectedPlayers Enlist playerID of disconnected players.
No TraceViewToggle FeatureTest TraceViewToggle Execute a trace from ths screen's centert to any object and displays object's information
No AdminCreateVehicle FeatureTest AdminCreateVehicle <VehicleLink> Allows generating a vehicle
Yes AdminDemoteCommander kick AdminDemoteCommander <NombreJugador o SteamID> Demote an specified commander by playerID or SteamID
Yes AdminDemoteCommanderById kick AdminDemoteCommander <playerID> Demote an specified commander by playerID
Yes AdminDisbandSquad kick AdminDisbandSquad <Team number = [1|2]> <SquadIndex> Disband squad
Yes AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad kick AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad <PlayerName> Remove player from the squad, no kick
Yes AdminRemovePlayerFromSquadById kick AdminRemovePlayerFromSquad <IDJugador> Remove player from the squad, no kick, via ID.
Yes AdminWarn kick AdminWarn <PlayerName o SteamID> <Reason> Warns a player
Yes AdminWarnById kick AdminWarnById <PlayerName o SteamID> <Reason> Warns a player
No AdminForceNetUpdateOnClientSaturation debug AdminForceNetUpdateOnClientSaturation <0>|<1> If activated, when a connection is saturated, all players whose couldn't finish the replication will receive a ForceNerUpdate call
No AdminProfileServer debug AdminProfileServer <SecondsToProfileFor> <0>|<1> Starts profile generation in the server for a defined time, saving profile generation data to disk at the end of it
No AdminSetRaasSeed changemap AdminSetRaasSeed <Semilla> Sets the seed fo maps Raas, after the match ends
Yes AdminRestartMatch pause AdminRestartMatch Restart match
No AdminSetPublicQueueLimit config AdminSetPublicQueueLimit <Valor> =25 Limit queue limit to 25

=0 No queue, no one can join

=-1 Infinite queue