Admin Commands for San Andreas Multiplayer

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General Commands

Command Description
/help Shows a list of available essential elements.
/admins Shows a list of available admins.
/helpers Shows a list of available helpers.
/PM <id/name> <text> Allows you to send a private message.
/P (public chat) Allows you to chat in the public chat
/L(local) Allows you to communicate with people close to you in the game
/S(shout) Allows you to shout to people close to you in the game
/W(whisper) Allows you to whisper to people really close to you in the game
/LW(local whisper) Allows you to whisper to great quantity of people really close to you in the game
/CB Allows you to speak in the civil band radio
/chatmode <CB/public/local/radio> Allows you to configure your default chat in a specified chat
/me <text> Helps you representing an action
/ad Allows you to put an ad (200 $)
/give <id> <object> <quantity> Gives something to a near player.
/use Uses an scripted object
/kill Kill the player
/invent Show your inventory
/area <id> Delete contacts by ID
/thawme or /whyfrozen Set destroyed atmosphere percentage to show, mixed in a specified number of seconds.
/helpmeup Used to pick you up id you have mics in the ground.
/togglepchat Activate public chat
/support Used to create a suport ticket to online administration

Vehicle Commands

Command Description
/rescue Request a rescue lift from other players.
/fixaircraft Repair aircraft in airport hangars
/repairvehicle Repair vehicle in PayNSpray. (Engine must be off)
/speedo Allows you to change your speedometer
/sell Sell your vehicle en any car dealer. Must be inside your car. Returns 55% of original pricing
/setvehiclespawn Sets vehicle to spawn in the selected location.
/prevcolor <color> <color> - Temporarily Paint your vehicle for a preview.
/buycolor <color> <color> - Permanently Paint your vehicle 300$
/carlights Turn on/off vehicle lights.
/carlock Lock/unlock your car
/buyplate <text> Allows you to set the plates for your vehicle 1000$
/fillup Fills gas in a gas station. 1$ per unit - 100$ to fill your vehicle
/filljerrycan Allows you to fill your jerrycan in a gas station - 10 units
/usejerrycan Allows you to use your jerrycan
/heydude list/remove Shows a marker in the map, used to find your vehicles
/getin Allows you to access passenger sits in boats, planes and other vehicles
/getout Allows you to leave passenger sits in boats, planes and other vehicles
/detach Allows you to detach the trailer/ tow
/boot or /trunk Used to close/open trunk/boot
/bonnet or /hood Used to close/open hood/bonnet
/engine Used to start/stop vehicle engine

Money Commands

Comamnd Description
/send <id> <amount> Send cash to the chosen player. It should be close to the player you are sending money to.
/deposit <amount> Amount of deposits chosen to your bank account. It works in banks and next to ATMs.
/withdraw <amount> Withdraw the chosen amount from your bank account. It works in banks and next to ATMs.
/balance It can be used to check your bank balance at banks or near ATMs
/mobilebank Used to check your phone's mobile banking account anywhere on the map.

Police Commandos

The following commands can be found in-game by typing /cophelp.

Command Description
/crime [ID] Allows you to view a suspect's crime.
/duty Allows you to enter or exit police service behind FBI Ranchers and Enforcer (for certain groups).
/su <id> <reason> You suspect that a civilian makes you a criminal.
/cuff <id> Fists to a criminal surrendered.
/jail <id> <15-200> Imprison a suspect, both must be inside a police department.
/m(egaphone) <text> Megaphone for emergency vehicles.
/r(adio) <text> Radio for communication between police officers
/e <text> Radio to communicate with members of other emergency services.
/mir Read Miranda's rights.
/speed [ID] Shows the speed of a certain citizen. Must be a front passenger in a police vehicle.
/rank [ID] Show your own rank or someone else's.
/siren Add a flashing light to SAPD vehicles that are not marked. (SAPD Buffalo and Sand King)
/weaponequip ID weapon amount Allows officers to obtain equipment from the armory, the FBI ranchers, the FBI truck, and the enforcer. (Must have a certain range)

Commands of the Criminals

Command Description
/crime [ID] It is used to verify the crime of a suspect.
/gu If you want, it helps you give up. Note that attempting to escape after using / gu results in an admin penalty.
/rhl If you want, it shows how long you have to run to evade the police and lose the search level.
/notoriety It is used to check the level of notoriety you have (it ranges from 1 to 10).
/removenoto If you want to remove your notoriety, you must go to the LSPD y / removenoto desk.

Drug Commands

Command Description
/use cannabis seeds Plant a weed seed. It must be in a weed field with one seed (or more) in inventory.
/harvestweed Crop of cultivated grass. You will see a cultivated plant when the grass is ready. When you see it, you can use this command to harvest the weed (the planted seeds grow after 2 hours).
/orderheroin Ask for heroin. Must be at a drug drop off point. Costs: $ 500.
/collectheroin Once the package has been delivered, a message about its arrival will appear and you can collect it using / collectheroin.
/use meth equipment Used to install meth equipment in your vehicle, it must be on a Journey.
/producemeth Used to start the methamphetamine cooking process, you must be on a Journey with the methamphetamine equipment installed.
/use lithium /redphosphorus Used in this specific order to create methamphetamine.
/collectmeth Used to collect me after a batch is made.

Property Commands

Command Description
/exit Leave the interior of the property you entered through.
/purchase It allows you to buy the property. You must be standing at the entrance. The property must be without an owner. You must have a passport.
/sell It allows you to sell a property. You must be standing at the entrance. You must be the owner.
/name Allows you to set the name of your property.
/lock Lock your property.
/unlock Unlock your property.
/setentryfee (0-3,000$) Set an entrance fee for your property.

Job Commands

The following commands can be found in-game by typing /help jobs.

Command Description
/medic Used to become a doctor. It should be worn in a medical locker room, usually in front of hospitals.
/hooker Used to become a prostitute. Must be used inside a strip club.
/driver Used to become a driver. It must be used at a train station or airport.
/fireman Used to become a firefighter. It must be inside the fire department locker room.
/duty Le permite entrar o salir del servicio policial. Debe estar dentro del vestuario del departamento de policía.

Phone Commands

Command Description
/phone Displays your phone's menu.
/call <number> Allows you to call a number.
/pickup Picks up an incoming call.
/rejectcall Rejects an incoming call.
/hangup Ends a phone call.
/getphone <id> Shows your target's phone number.

General services.

Number Service
500 San Andreas Taxi Network
555 San Andreas Pizza Service
600 Hitman Network
700 San Andreas Hitman Service.
800 Argonath Anonymous Service.
911 San Andreas Emergency Service.