Admin Commands for Risk of Rain 2

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Open the Command Console

The console can be opened with the keystroke combination "CTRL" + "Alt" + "`" on the server. The `' key is normally found on the keyboard to the left of the 1' and above the Tab' key.

List of Commands

Command Description Example
aim_stick_assist_max_delta Sets the maximum amount for the tracking of the aim. Default 1.57 aim_stick_assist_max_delta 5
aim_stick_assist_max_input_help Adds magnitude to the target on the scale. Value between 0 and 1. Default 0.2 aim_stick_assist_max_input_help 0.5
aim_stick_assist_max_size It will set the maximum size of the aiming assistant that extends over your aiming scope. Default 3 aim_stick_assist_max_size
aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scale Adjusts the sensitivity scales when dragging over enemies. Default 0.4 aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scale 0.8
aim_stick_assist_min_delta It will set the minimum amount at which the aiming assistant can follow. Default 0 aim_stick_assist_min_delta 0.1
aim_stick_assist_min_size Sets the minimum size of the aiming assistant that extends over its grid. Defaul1 1 aim_stick_assist_min_size .8
aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scale Adjusts its sensitivity scales when dragging over enemies. Default 1 aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scale 2
aim_stick_dual_zone_slope The slope number for the dual stick zone. Default 0.4 aim_stick_dual_zone_slope
aim_stick_dual_zone_threshold The threshold limit of the dual stick zone. Default 0.9 aim_stick_dual_zone_threshold 0.8
aim_stick_exponent The exponent while aiming from the stick input. Default 1 aim_stick_exponent 2
aim_stick_global_scale The global sensitivity scale for aiming with the stick. Default 1 aim_stick_global_scale 1.5
aim_stick_smoothing The number of smoothing to aim with the stick. Default 0.05 aim_stick_smoothing
anisotropic_filtering = Disable/Enable Activate or deactivate anisotropic filtering. anisotropic_filtering Enable
audio_focused_only Audio muting while focusing on the target. Default 0 audio_focused_only 1
auto_simulate_physics This is a toggle command used to disable or enable the physics auto-simulator. Default 1 auto_simulate_physics 0
ban_steam This command is used to ban the ID of a specific player on the server. ban_steam
body_generate_portraits This console command will generate portraits for all bodies that are using the default.

Danger, it may crash the game.

body_list Lists all character bodies. body_list
chat_max_messages Displays the maximum number of chat messages. Default 30 chat_max_messages 15
cheats Activate cheats. cheats
clear Cleans the console contents clear
client_set_players Used to set or add network players for all local players.

It can only be used in debug mode.

connect Connects you to a server connect XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:12345
connect_steamworks_p2p Allows you to connect to servers while using Steamworks P2P. connect_steamworks_p2p
console_enabled Allows you to activate the command console. console_enabled 0
corpses_disposal This will enable the corpse removal mode that allows you to choose between Hard and OutOfSight. Default OutOfSight. corpses_disposal Hard
corpses_max Maximum number of corpses in the field of view. corpses_max 20
create_corrupted_profiles Creates corrupted user profiles. create_corrupted_profiles
cvarlist It will list all con and convars commands. cvarlist
debug_aim_assist_visual_coefficient = 2 This command is used to debug visuals. debug_aim_assist_visual_coefficient = 2
director_combat_disable This console command will disable all combat directors. director_combat_disable
disconnect Disconnects you from the current server. disconnect
dump_network_ids Lists the network identifiers of all objects in the game that are currently networked. dump_network_ids
dump_projectile_map Show the map between indexes and projectile premades. dump_projectile_map
ea_message_skip Omit early access notification. ea_message_skip
echo This console command helps you to echo the text given in the console. echo
enable_damage_numbers This command will display the damage and healing numbers. 1 Enable 2 Disable enable_damage_numbers
exec This console command is used to execute a folder named configuration. exec
export_controller_maps This command is used to list all the player's rewired controller maps. export_controller_maps
export_default_controller_maps This command will list all the default rewired controller maps. export_default_controller_maps
find This command is used to find all concommands and convares with their unique substring. find
fps_max This command sets the FPS limit on your server. fps_max
gamemode This console command is used to select the game mode for the next run. gamemode
gamma Gamma reinforcement, de -inf to inf. Default 0 gamma 0.05
help You can display the command or convares help text by executing this console command. help
host This console command is used to host a server. host
hud_enable Used to deactivate or activate the HUD. hud_enable
hud_scale This command is used to scale the HUD elements in the game. Default 100 hud_scale 80
kick_steam This command will kick the player with a specific steam ID from the current server. kick_steam 1234569874563214
language This console command is used to select the language to be displayed. language en
language_generate_tokens This command will generate the default tokens that are inserted into a JSON language file. language_generate_tokens
language_reload This command helps you to reload the current language. language_reload
master_texture_limit This command is used to adjust the texture quality. Default 0

Values 0, 1= half, 2=quarter, 4= 1/8, etc.

master_texture_limit 2
max_messages Maximum number of messages stored in the console log. max_messages 30
net_loglevel Expansion of the network record. net_loglevel
net_p2p_debug_transport This console command is used to print all P2P transfer information on the console. net_p2p_debug_transport
net_p2p_log_messages This command will allow logging of network messages. net_p2p_log_messages
pause This command allows you to pause or resume the game. pause
ping This console command is used to display the ping status of the current server. ping
pp_ao Enables or disables post-processing of Ambient Occlusion in Screen Space. pp_ao 1
pp_bloom This command activates Bloom post-processing.

0 Disabled, 1 Enabled

pp_bloom 1
pp_motionblur This is a command used to enable or disable motion blur.

0 Disabled, 1 Enabled

pp_motionblur 0
pp_sobel_outline Sobel edge light effect.

0 Disabled, 1 Enabled

pregame_start_run This console command will start the execution of the previous game. pregame_start_run
print_local_users This command is used to print all local users. print_local_users
print_stats This console command will print the user's current statistics. print_stats
quit This command is used to exit the game. quit
r_foliagewind This command helps you to choose for wind on foliage. r_foliagewind
r_lod_bias Level of Detail bias (LOD). r_lod_bias
r_lod_max This command is used to limit the LOD level to the maximum value. r_lod_max
r_shadows This console command is used to set the shadow quality. r_shadows
r_softparticles This is a command that deactivates or activates the soft particles. r_softparticles
remove_all_local_users This console command will delete all local users. remove_all_local_users
resolution You can change the resolution of the game window with the help of this console command. resolution 1920x1080x60
resolution_list This command is used to list all possible resolutions compatible with the current screen. resolution_list
resolution_scale This console command is used to scale the resolution of non-functional game windows. resolution_scale 1
rule_show_items This command will enable voting on the pre-game rule points. rule_show_items
rules_dump This will cause all information regarding the rules of the game to disappear. rules_dump
run_end This console command is used to end the execution of the current game. run_end
run_print_seed You can print the current run seed. run_print_seed
run_print_unlockables This console will print all the unlockables present in the current run of the game. run_print_unlockables
run_scene_override Cancels the scene to enter execution. run_scene_override
say This command is used to send a text or chat message. say
scene_list This will display all available scenes. scene_list
set_scene With this command you can set or change the scene. set_scene
set_vstr This command helps you set the vstr to the specified value. set_vstr
shadow_cascades Number of cascades used. shadow_cascades
volume_master Tune the main volume of the game. volume_master
volume_msx This console command adjusts the volume of the game music. volume_msx
volume_sfx This command is used to adjust the volume of the game sound effects. volume_sfx
vsync_count Displays the vsync count. vsync_count
wait_ms Difference between each frame. wait_ms
window_mode Puts the screen in windowed mode. window_mode
wwise_log_enabled This command is used to activate Wwise registration. wwise_log_enabled
user_profile_delete This command will delete an existing single user profile. user_profile_delete
user_profile_main This console command is used to display the main profile of the current user. user_profile_main
user_profile_save This command will save the progress of the user’s profile in a slot user_profile_save
vfxbudget_particle_cost_bias Default 0 vfxbudget_particle_cost_bias
viewables_list This command is used to display the entire list of all element names. viewables_list
timer_resolution The resolution of the Windows timer. timer_resolution
timescale This command is used to set the time scale of each set. timescale
timestep This command is used to set the time step of each set. timestep
transition_command This will fade out and execute the command. transition_command
user_profile_copy This command is used to copy the user's profile name to another slot. user_profile_copy
shadow_distance This command is used to obtain the length or distance of the shadow. shadow_distance
shadow_resolution You can select the shadow resolution with this console command. shadow_resolution
stage1_pod Use the pitcher in the first stage. stage1_pod
steam_id This command will display your Steam ID. steam_id
steam_lobby_copy_to_clipboard Copy active Steam Lobby to clipboard steam_lobby_copy_to_clipboard
steam_lobby_id Displays the ID of the current loby in Steam. steam_lobby_id
steam_lobby_invite Invite the player to your current game. steam_lobby_invite 1234567899876543
steam_lobby_open_invite_overlay This console command will open the Steam lobby overlay to the friend invitation menu. steam_lobby_open_invite_overlay
steam_lobby_print_data You can print all current lobby data using this command. steam_lobby_print_data
steam_lobby_print_list This command will print the list of lobbies of the previous moves. steam_lobby_print_list
steam_lobby_print_members This command is used to display the entire list of current members present in the lobby. steam_lobby_print_members
steam_lobby_update_player_count This command forces the update in the lobby for the players. steam_lobby_update_player_count
count.steam_remote_storage_list_files This command is used to list all files in the Steam remote storage. count.steam_remote_storage_list_files
sv_listen The server will accept connections from other players. sv_listen
sv_maxplayers This console command is used to set the maximum number of players in a lobby. sv_maxplayers
sync_physics This command activates the automatic synchronization of physics between movements. sync_physics
test_splitscreen Log in and create a split screen according to users. test_splitscreen