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[[Category: Issue risingworld]]
[[Category: Issue risingworld]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[Category: Characteristic configuration]]
[[es:Comandos de Administrador en Rising World]]

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This guide contains a list of all the console commands for Rising World.

Administrator Commands

To enter a console command, you must open the game console by pressing the key "~" (Located below the ESC key and above TAB)

Command Description
settime <hour> <minute> Change the current game time
setdate <day> <month> <year> Change the current date of the game
setweather <weathertype> [instant 0/1] Change the current weather in the game (types: clear, default, cloudy, rain, heavy rain, thunderstorm, thunderstorm, fog, dense fog)
setspawn Sets the default spawn position (every new player appears in this position)
setspawnclothes Sets the default spawn inventory (every new player spawns with this inventory)
Build commands
item <itemname> <amount> [variation] item <item name> <quantity> [variation]

Example: item 1 peak

object <objectname> [variation] object <object name> [variation]
clothing <clothingname> [color1 rgb] [color2 rgb] [color3 rgb] Give a garment to wear
itembag <element name1> <element name2> <element name3> Gives you a bag item that contains multiple items.
spawnnpc <npcname> Spawn a new NPC
spawnvehicle <vehicle> Spawn a vehicle.
Teleportation commands
goto <playername/position> Teleports you to another player or to a specific position
gethere <playername> Teleports another player to your position
teleport <playername> <targetplayer/position> Teleports a player to another player's position
gotospawn Teleports you to the spawn position
gotosurface Teleports you to the surface
mark Save your current position (teleport to this position with the command "gotomark")
Multiplayer commands
kick <playername> [reason] Kick a player from the game (multiplayer)
ban <playername> <duration> <reason> Ban a player from the game (multiplayer). Duration in minutes, use -1 duration for permanent ban
offlineban <playeruid> <duration> <reason> Block an offline player from the game (i.e. a player who is currently offline). Duration in minutes, use -1 duration for permanent ban
unban <playeruid> Override a player's ban, i.e. lift a ban (multiplayer)
deleteplayer <playeruid> Delete player data from world database (to repair corrupted player data)
shutdownserver Shut down server (multiplayer)
makeadmin <playername> Give admin permission to the player
revokeadmin <playername> Revoke the player's admin permission