Admin Commands for Pantropy

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Open the console

To open the console in the game, press the F1 key on your keyboard, this will open up an input bar at the bottom of your screen. This is where you type in the admin commands below.

Admin Commands

Befehl Kommentar
teleportMeTo_<NameOfPlayer> Teleports you to the player with the written name.
teleportToMe_<NameOfPlayer> Teleport the player with the written name to you.
teleport_<NameOfPlayer>_<NameOfPlayer> Teleport the first named player to the second player.
spawnmob_<Mob Name> Spawns an Enemy.
inventory_add Brings up an interface for item spawning.
setdaytime_<0.0 - 24.0> Changes the time of day on the server.
runspeed_<0.0 - inf> Sets the running speed of your character.
walkspeed_<0.0 - inf> Sets the walking speed of your character.
godmode_<true/false> Activates/Deactivates Godmode.
jetpack_<true/false> Activates/Deactivates the Jetpack.
help Lists the current in-game commands.