Admin Commands for Outpost Zero

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Open the Chat

The following commands are entered in the chat window.

Admin Commands

Command Description Example
BreatheDeep Increases a player's jump height and movement speed. /cheat BreatheDeep <ID> <jump height> <movement speed>
ControlBuildings Claim all structures around the player. /cheat ControlBuildings <ID> <Radius>
FoodForThought Displays a list of all players, including their Steam ID and map XYZ coordinates, which can be used with the NoGlues teleport command. /cheat FoodForThought <ID>
GameOverMan Damage the player. /cheat GameOverMan <ID> <Damage>
MedievalMan Gives the player NumStacks of all types of functional ammo with PerStack in each. /cheat MedievalMan <ID> <NumStacks> <PerStack>
ModifyThePhaseVariance Sets the player's current progression level, which affects how many bots you can have. /cheat ModifyThePhaseVariance <ID> <Level>
NoGlues Teleports a player to the map at location XYZ. Automatically converts map coordinates to world coordinates. /cheat NoGlues <ID> <X> <Y> <Z>
OperationCWAL Sets the base damage of the player's currently equipped weapon. /cheat OperationCWAL <ID> <Damage>
Ophelia Call an environmental event around the world. /cheat Ophelia <Index>
PowerOverwhelming Sets the player's energy to maximum. /cheat PowerOverwhelming <ID>
RadioFreeZerg Spawn a single player pirate raid. /cheat RadioFreeZerg <ID> <De3lay> <Level> <Number>
ResetPlayer The player reappears in a new pawn. /cheat ResetPlayer <ID>
ShowMeTheMoney Gives the player an item or stacks of an item, based on the item ID. The item ID index changes every time the server is restarted or a game is loaded, so you will need to get a new index list for the correct IDs. /cheat ShowMeTheMoney <ID> <NumStacks> <PerStack> <ItemID>
SomethingForNothing Increase a player's stat. /cheat SomethingForNothing <ID> <Value> <StatIndex>
StayingAlive Sets the player's health to maximum. /cheat StayingAlive <ID>
TheGathering Gives the player an item based on their class name. /cheat TheGathering <ID> <Class Name> <Count>
Thereisnourflevel Reset the player's inventory to default settings. /cheat Thereisnourflevel <ID>
UpUpDownDown Spawn a player friendly bot. /cheat UpUpDownDown <ID> <Type>
WarAintWhatItUsedToBe Gives the player all armor and weapons of a certain type. /cheat WarAintWhatItUsedToBe <ID> <Type>
WhatsMineIsMine Reset the player's tutorial. /cheat WhatsMineIsMine <ID>