Admin Commands for MTA

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Open the Console

Press ~ (tilde) or F8 to access the console, then type a command followed by the necessary parameters (if applicable) and then press Enter.

Server commands

Command Application Example Descripction
ase Server console only View the number of queries from the master server list
debugdb Server console only Example: debugdb < 0-2 > Sets the logging level for database functions. [0-Disabled; 1-Only errors; 2-All] By default, the log output is written to the file 'logs/db.log' .
debugjoinflood Server console only Displays debugging information related to the connection flood mitigation feature.
debuguptime Server console only Shows how many days the server has been running
help Server console only Show this list of commands
loadmodule Server console only Example: loadmodule <module file name> Load a module, for example: loadmodule ml_sockets.dll
unloadmodule Server console only Example: unloadmodule <module file name> Remove a module, for example: unloadmodule ml_sockets.dll
reloadmodule Server console only Example: reloadmodule <module file name> Reload a module, for example: reloadmodule ml_sockets.dll
open ports Server console only Test if the server ports are open
sfakelag Only available if it is enabled in the mtaserver.conf file Example: sfakelag <packet loss> <additional ping> <ping variation> [ <KBPS limit> ] Adds artificial packet loss, ping, jitter, and bandwidth caps to server-client connections.
shutdown Example: shutdown <reason> Shut down the server, for example: Shutdown Restart Required
sver Get the version from the MTA server

Resource Commands

Command Application Example Descripction
check Server console only Example: check [ all | <resource-name> ] Check which files would be changed with the command: upgrade. It does not modify anything.
info Server console only Example: info <resource-name> Get information about a resource, for example: info admin
list Server console only Displays a list of resources
refresh Refresh the resource list to find new resources
refreshall Update resources and restart modified resource
restart Example: restart <resource-name> Restart a running resource, for example: restart admin
start Example: start <resource-name> Start a loaded resource, for example: start admin
stop Example: stop <resource-name> Stop a resource, for example: stop admin
stopall Stops all running resources
upgrade Server console only Example: upgrade [ all | <resource-name> ] Performs a basic update of all resources. The check command displays the list of changes that this command will make.
aclrequest Example: aclrequest [ list | allow | deny ] <resource-name> [ <righ> | all ] Manage ACL requests for resources that implement <aclrequest> in their meta.xml
reloadacl Perform a simple ACL reload.