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Admin Commands

Command Function
AdminLogin <password> Login as administrator
AdminLogout Log out as administrator
Pause Will pause the game instance
Admin SetFriendlyFireScale <friendlyfirescale> Set a friendly fire scale for the server.

Game commands

  • All these commands require using "EnableCheats"
  • You need to add the 'admin' prefix before each command. After logging in as administrator.
  • To enter third person once cheats are enabled, press 3 on the numeric keypad (1 is the first person).
Command Function
EnableCheats It will open most of the commands for you to use
God Toggle God mode
Demigod Toggle Demi-God mode (will take damage but will not die)
HurtMe <amount> Cause the specified Amount of damage to the player, for example: HurtMe 20
HealMe <amount> Heals the player for the specified Amount of armor
ArmorMe <amount> Grants the player the specified Amount of armor
Ghost Basically allows no-clip mode (you can't crash against walls)
Fly Non-clip mode with collision and interaction
Walk Allows you to disable Ghost / Fly and walk again
ImRich Loads of money
DoshMe <amount> Grants you the selected amount.
UberAmmo Grants ammo for all weapons / grenades
Loaded Grants you most weapons
GiveWeapon <WeaponClass String> Give a specific weapon using the class name and location

for example: giveweapon KFGameContent.KFWeap_Shotgun_DoubleBarrel

UpgradeWeapon Mejora un nivel el arma actualmente equipada
OpenTraderMenu Open the purchase menu, anywhere and anytime
Slomo <scale> Sets the speed in the world.

Slomo <1 for example: Slomo 0,99

ChangeSize <size> Change the size / scale of the player. The predetermined value is 1.
SetSpeed ​​<speed> Change your speed as you walk. The predetermined value is 1
SetJumpZ <height> Change the height of the jump.
SetGravity <gravity> Change gravity. The default is -1150 (negative value). This can easily block a game or server, stay at reasonable numbers, and not use positive numbers.
PowerUpHellishRage Apply Hellish Powerup effects on the player