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The AdKats plugin allows in game player management. With over 90 different commands, the management of multiple Battlefield servers is simplified. For example, the player XY can be locked simultaneously on all owned servers at the same time. Also, an automatic punishment system is integrated into the plugin.

Supported Games

  • Battlefield 3
  • Battlefield 4

Requirements (External Links)


  • First, Procon must be installed on the Gameserver. This is easy via the web interface. The web interface also contains a download for the Procon client.
  • Then, the Statlogger plugin has to be installed. To do this, unpack the downloaded directory and upload the "" file to the main plugin directory of the game server.
  • After this, the corresponding "CChatGUIDStatsLogger.cs" file is uploaded to the folder (BF3 or BF4).
  • Now we find a new plugin in the previously downloaded Procon client in the Parent Layer Control category. In the "Plugin Settings" tab, we can now enter the connection data for the MySQL database.
  • Now we can activate the plugin by placing a checkmark next to the name.
  • Once this has been done without error, we can upload the AdKats plugin. To do this, the AdKats.cs file is uploaded to the corresponding folder in the game server's plug-in directory. After a restart of the Procon layer, this plugin should also be found in the Procon client.
  • Now we can also enter the connection data for the database in the "Plugin Settings" tab for AdKats.
  • Now the "adkats.sql" file is imported into the MySQL database and the plugin "AdKats" can be activated again by a checkmark.
  • Lastly, restart the AdKats layer and add their name to the AdKats plugin settings.