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In this tutorial we show you why you get kicked from your game and what you can do about it.

If you get stuck on a point or need help, the Community Forum is available for you.

Causes and Solutions

Bad connection to the server


  • This may be due to your internet provider and/or the connection from your router to your server.


  • In this case we can recommend you to perform a tracert. You will receive a TXT file that you can send to our support. Please describe your issue in the ticket so that our colleagues can help you. You can find out how to create a Tracert here: Tracert

Server is restarting


  • The Server is not able to load the configuration or the save-game is corrupted.


  • Check your Server-Settings under "Settings" -> "General" or revert recently made changes
  • Restore a backup of your server here, at a time when your server was still running without any issues. If this does not help, try an earlier date. If no backup helped, you can also contact the Nitrado support, who will be happy to help you.

Corrupted Modifications

Modifications are only supported by the Steam version of the game, so the following information is irrelevant for all other platforms. Cause:

  • Mods which are not compatible with the new version after a game update or the savegame has content which does not interact with the mod anymore.


  • Check your mods and perform a forced update if necessary. You can do this under "Tools -> Mods & Workshop". If this does not help, remove 1-2 mods as a test and try again, following the exclusion procedure.