7.Changing Slots and Rental Period

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Here, we will see how to change the slots and the rental period of your server.

Changing slots and your Rental Period

  • Login to your Nitrado.net account
  • Navigate to the "My Services" section

Note: It is very important to have your server stopped before changing the slots, otherwise your server will enter into a loop and the slots will not be modified

  • Select the service you want to modify and click on the gray area to reveal the Options menu.
  • Select the option "Change slots, runtime, or Location"


  • Now you just have to select the same service you had before
  • Select the same location and the amount of slots you want for your service

Note: It is important to confirm your hosting location is the same. If you have a different hosting location selected, then a new server will be created. This means your IP address will change, and you will lose all saved progress on your server. It is best to double-check and make sure you are staying at the same hosting location

  • Then set the rental period if you would like more than 30 days. When upgrading slots on a server you must renew the rental period as well.
  • After making changes you can select the "Continue" button to confirm the order.

If the order looks correct on the screen go ahead and select "Switch now". Your slots will be available and your server will update accordingly. This is how you change your slots and rental period with Nitrado.

YouTube Video

Here is a video on changing your Slots with Nitrado