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As we know, using a new service or program may be a little tricky. We have put this tutorial together for you, so we can show you around. On this page, we will teach you about Nitrado.net, how to make an account, and how to access your web interface.

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  • First let's go over the Home page of Nitrado.net. Here, you will find regularly updated news articles about the gaming world; as well as frequent news of the most current top games.


  • Below the news, you can find our Hotline Instructions for Ease of access. Conveniently located with the hotline instructions, you can find your User-ID.


  • The different categories shown in the above image can be found at the top of Nitrado.net. These categories will help you find more information about our products, pricing, and the technology we use on our servers.


  • To Do much of anything else on Nitrado.net we will need to make our Nitrado account.

How do I register an account? What will I see when logged in?

With Nitrado, making an account is made simple. Let's go ahead and make our Nitrado account. This account will be used to purchase Nitrado services and also will be used to maintain the service.

To make an account, we suggest the following:

  • Click the Login button at the top right hand of the screen. A drop-down menu should appear.
  • You have multiple options available to easily make an account.
    • You can choose to sign in with Facebook, Google, Twitch, or you can choose to register via email by clicking the "Register" button.


Once logged in you should be on your account page. This page is where you can:

  • See all of your services
  • Change settings and manage your account.
  • Charge your account when you need to add funds to your account
  • Take a look at your account overview.
  • You can also make donations and get an overview of past donations.


As you can see, we already have a server installed. Now Let's go over how to access your server's web interface.

How do I access my web interface?

We will need to start by logging into Nitrado.net and selecting "My services". There are two ways to access your web interface:

  • One way, is to select the small icon with three gears located on the right-hand column.


  • Alternatively, you can select the server in a gray area to reveal the options menu, then click "Web interface login".

Both of these options will bring you to your web interface. Your web interface is the driver seat of your server. It is an important part of our service. The web interface we provide is easy to use, and one of a kind. For more information on the Nitrado Web interface check out this article on navigating the web interface.