Wreckfest FAQ

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How do I fix the missing pieces?

From the main menu go to 'garage', then there are 2 main sections assembly and customization. These two sections contain different types of parts, you should also check each part and make sure each section has a part. It says "installed" under one of the options, even if it's a part of $ 0.

Crash when I click multiplayer

This is a bug caused by a corrupt server, a fix is ​​nearing completion at the time of writing.

My game does not start after update

This is possibly due to mods, so go to the library, right click on Wreckfest, then click properties, set startup options and type disable_mods

Fatal Disk Error

This is not a hardware problem. Go to D:\Steam\userdata\192163139\228380\local\wreckfestearlyaccess and delete the file named modslist.mods. then restart the game.