World administration for Valheim

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The Nitrado web interface offers the opportunity to easily manage the worlds of a Valheim server.

Using the World Manager

You can find the World Manager tool on the Nitrado web interface under "Tools -> World manager". There you will find a list of all the worlds that are on your server.

Note: If the server is new, it can take a while before a world is displayed. Even after the new creation, it takes up to 20 minutes until the server has saved the world and is displayed.
Valheim wm interface.png
Here you will find a list of all of the worlds that are on the server.

Create a backup of a world

You can create a backup of a world by clicking on "Create backup" for the desired world. The server should restart when you start the backup.

Valheim wm backup.png

After the backup has been created, the latest backup and all other existing ones will be displayed below in "World Backups".

World copy

  • You can also easily copy an existing world by clicking on "Copy" in the world manager.

Valheim wm copy.png

  • Choose a name for the world copy (it cannot be the same as the original).

Valheim copyofmyworld.png

Erase / Activate World

You can, of course, also delete and switch your worlds in a simple way.

The delete button will prompt a confirmation for deletion.

To switch worlds, simply click on the "Activate" button for the desired world. A server restart is required afterwards.