Whitelist in Minecraft (Bedrock Edition)

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Live console

  1. Navigate to your Nitrado web interface
  2. Go to Tools -> Live Server Console On the left side of the page.
  3. Type the following command whitelist add playername, and enter. For example: whitelist add EpicGamer729

Whitelist Live Server Console.png

If the command has been entered properly, and it took effect, the Live Server Console will respond with a message Player added to whitelist

Now this player has been added to the server's whitelist.


Obtaining your XUID


Add a player to the Whitelist.json

  • Navigate to your Nitrado web interface
  • Stop your server
  • Go to Tools -> File browser On the left side of the page.
  • Type whitelist in the search box and open the file whitelist.json

Whitelist file.png

  • Add the following code inside the [], each player added to the whitelist needs to be added in the same line separated by a coma

Note: Substitute the username for the player desired in the whitelist as well as his xuid obtained on the steps above


Whitelist json.png

  • Save your changes
  • Start your server