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The Valheim + Mod offers extensive options for changing the game, which can be set accordingly using a configuration file.

Please note that the number of slots cannot be adjusted for the time being!

Installation to the server

The mod can simply be installed in the web interface under Additional packages and is immediately active after a restart.

Information.png In order to be able to connect to a server with Valheim Plus, it is necessary that the mod is also installed locally

Local installation

There are two options for installing the mod locally:

Manual installation

  1. Create a backup (optional, but recommended)
  2. Download the mod
  3. Unzip files (with 7-Zip e.g.)
  4. Open the Steam Valheim installation folder (example: C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim\)
  5. Steam find directory.gif
  6. Create a copy of these files in a folder on your computer.
  7. Copy the unzipped files into the folder and overwrite the existing files.

Installation via Nexusmods (Vortex Client)

The installation of the mod via Vortex Client is relatively easy and offers the advantage that the mod can be uninstalled without reinstalling the game:

  1. Create an account at
  2. Download and install Vortex Client (
  3. Log into the client
  4. Search for the game Valheim under Games and add it to Vortex with Manage


  1. Scroll down, select to the option "FILES"
  2. Select the option "MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD".
  3. Select the free Download and select to open Vortex.
  4. Once the download is complete you will see it in "MODS".
  5. Click in the blue button and Vortex will install it automatically.
  6. Then click the gray button when it says "Disabled" to enable the mod.

Here the mod Unstripped-DLL is added, which is necessary to manage the mods with Vortex


  • Now we need to download Valheim Plus Windows Client.
  1. Go back to and in the search bar type "Valheim Plus".
  2. Select the first option "Valheim Plus", scroll down and select the option "FILES".


3. Scroll down and select the latest version of the mod. Currently, being the version ValheimPlus Windows Client in our servers. Here the mod installation can be started using Vortex selecting the option "MOD MANAGER DOWNLOAD"

4. In the Vortex client, go to "Mods" and click the blue button "Never Installed". It will carry out the installation and the deployment accordingly.

5. Once it finishes installing, a gray button will appear "Disabled", click on it to enable the mod. Once it is done it will show a green button as "Enabled"


Congratulations, the mod is installed on your system and is started automatically when the game is started.

Note: If you want to play Valheim without the mod, just click the green button, and Vortex will disable the mod. This as well needs to be done if you disable the mod in your server

Information.png The mod is used at your own risk, Nitrado cannot provide support here.


The configuration of the mod can be carried out via the web interface. The corresponding file can be found under Configuration files .

It is recommended that you stop the server and wait 3-5 minutes before making any changes.

Further information on Valheim + can be found on GitHub: