Using a domain for another voiceserver

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To connect to your Voiceserver through your domain you have to create a DNS entry. It has to be a subdomain redirecting your IP.
You can create a new DNS entry by navigating to "My Services->Domains" and clicking on "Edit DNS" next to your desired domain.


In the following example a subdomain named "s" with "" as the target IP will be created.
To connect to your server you don't need to use your IP anymore as you can use the newly created "s.mydomain.tld":Port(e.g. 9987).


In this example, we have created a subdomain called "mc" through a SRV-Record which will redirect to the subdomain of your Voiceserver, e.g. ""
XXXX must be replaced by the subdomain of your Voiceserver. To find this address go to "My Services->Voiceserver" .
This will allow us to connect to our Voiceserver through our domain without needing a port. The target can't be an IP address.

If you only want to use "mydomain.tld" then you have to set the IP of your Voiceserver as a wildcard.
You can do this by using a '@' as your subdomain.