Using a Top-Level-Domain for voice-,gameserver and a webspace simultaneously

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People often ask if it's possible to use a Top-Level-Domain(e.g. to connect to your Gameserver and to browse your Webspace at the same time.
In the following article, you will learn how to do this.

How does it work?

A wildcard DNS-entry redirecting to the IP of your Gameserver will be created. On this Gameserver, there's a Webserver redirecting to the "www" subdomain.
If you use "" as a URL now, you will be redirected to "". As a second step, you only have to redirect the "www" subdomain to your Webspace.

What do I have to do?

  1. If you use a Nitrado webspace:
    Connect your domain to your Webspace by navigating to "My services -> Domains -> Allocate to Webspace package".

  2. Create a '@' wildcard entry in your "My services -> Domains -> Edit DNS" by clicking on the pen icon and adding the subdomains of your Gameserver and Voiceserver through a SRV-record entry.
    Your TopLevelDomain will now redirect to your game- and/or voiceserver.
    You can also use another custom subdomain instead of the '@'.
    • Press here for the explanation of the gameserver part.

    • Press here for the explanation of the voiceserver part.

  3. Create a new subdomain and use '*' as the wildcard name. Use the hostname of your Webspace as a target. You can find the hostname by navigating to "My services -> Webspace" (e.g.
    The DNS-entry with the wildcard set to '*' will cause the server to redirect every not otherwise declared DNS-entry to the Webspace.

    Sample configuration

  4. Optional: More configured subdomains also have to be created like the "www" DNS-entry.

Disclaimer: Changes in the DNS settings can take up to 10 minutes to be working.