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Rent your own Prepaid ArmA 3 server!

The best RCon Admin Tool we would recommend for Arma 3, is EPM RCon.



How to connect to your server.

To connect to your server you'll need 3 pieces of information;

  • -Your server's IP
  • -Your server's RCon Port
  • -Your server's RCon Password.

You can find these in your Nitrado Arma3 Control Panel.

Now that you have your connection information.


  • 1. Click Favourites.
  • 2. Click Edit Favourites.
  • 3. Click New
  • 4. Enter your Admin Name, it can be anything and will appear on Global Announcements, etc.
  • 5. Enter the name of the server, this is only for the Favourites list.
  • 6. Enter the IP
  • 7. Enter the Port.
  • 8. Enter the RCon Password.
  • 9. Click Apply.
  • 10. Click Favourites
  • 11. Click on the new favourite you just made.
  • 12. You're now connected to your server via RCon!

What can I do with EPM RCon

Current Features:

  • Resizeable and easy to use Chat/Log Box with 3 tabs (All, Chat, and Log) and a search function.
  • Resizeable and sortable table of players.
  • Send global message.
  • Send private message to player.
  • Ban player with variable length. (Works even if they disconnect while you're typing your reason)
  • Kick player.
  • Add ban.
  • Reload bans.
  • Table of bans.
  • Remove ban.
  • Favourites.
  • DNS Support.
  • Shutdown.
  • Restart.
  • Reload Scripts & Events.
  • Log saving.
  • Toggle-able timestamps.
  • Lock & Unlock.
  • Get and set Max Ping.
  • Global database of players.
  • Local database of players.
  • Auto log saving.
  • AutoUpdate!