Upload your own Savegame to Satisfactory

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The management of the savegames is currently not yet directly possible, we cannot guarantee that this method of uploading the savegame will work immediately, it can crash!

Step 1

Find the savegame you want to upload from the directory: C: \ Users \% USER% \ AppData \ Local \ FactoryGame \ Saved \ SaveGames, there you will find all singleplayer savegames.

Step 2

Stop your satisfactory server, then you can upload the savegame via the file browser to the folder: FactoryGame / Saved / SaveGames / server.

Step 3

Start the server and open the Server Manager, connect to the server and wait until you have spawned on the existing savegame. Press "ESC" to get into the menu, in the menu there is now the option "Load Game", where you can then select and load the savegame.


Very important! Select the savegame and click on Load at the bottom right 1x. It takes a while, then you lose the connection, the status of the server in the Server Manager will say "Generating a new savegame", which in this case means that it is loading the savegame. As soon as the server is ready, you can connect and continue building on your factory.

We do not recommend loading savegames that are too old! Otherwise it can lead to crashes.