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This article explains how to upload Steam Workshop maps to a Nitrado hosted ARK: Survival Evolved Gameserver. The listed maps are available in the official Steam Workshop of ARK: Survival Evolved.

The following steps are necessary to use own maps in ARK: Survival Evolved:

  • Start Steam
  • Open this URL in your web browser steam://url/GameHub/346110 (steam will be started automatically)
  • Select the desired map in the Steam Workshop and download it by clicking on the green 'Subscribe' button.

  • The map will now be downloaded. The download progress is shown as a thin bar at center bottom area of Steam. To force the download ARK: Survival Evolved has to be started once.

  • After the download completed, the obtained files have to be uploaded to the Gameserver. In order to to so, the ARK: Survival Evolved directory has to be opened. This directory will be \Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Content\Mods by default. The folder Mods contains every map in a custom folder named after the mod ID (a sequence of numbers). The map "Apako Islands v0.751 Alpha", which is used in this example would have "469987622" as an ID number. That means that the corresponding folder would also be named "469987622". Next, the folder "469987622" with the contained file "469987622.mod" have to be uploaded to the Gameserver's /arkse/ShooterGame/Content/Mods folder via FTP.
  • The desired map has to be set in the "Settings" section of the server's Webinterface after the upload is complete.

  • By clicking on "Save changes" the performed changes will be saved and preserved.
  • The Gameserver can now be restarted. After the restart, the selected map is loaded and ready for action. Please note that every client needs to subscribe to the used Workshop content to be able to play on the server.


Below is a list of available maps and their respective mod ID.

Mapname Mod ID
Arkse-469987622.jpg Apako Islands v0.751 Alpha 469987622
Arkse-478716204.jpg ArkHammer 40,000 478716204
Arkse-462206406.jpg Cliff_Side 462206406
Arkse-478760342.jpg Ice Age 478760342
Arkse-479918835.jpg Jurassic ARK Isla Nublar Site A 478760342
Arkse-459186056.jpg The Dino Arena (v2) 459186056
Arkse-478227612.jpg The Lost World 478227612
Arkse-478736056.jpg TorchBoost 478736056
Arkse-461038107.jpg Twin Peaks V5 dino (WIP) 461038107
Arkse-460119093.jpg Volcano Island (Modding Template / DEMO MAP) 460119093