Upload and download savegames to a Farming Simulator 22 server

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In this guide you will learn how to upload and download a savegame to your FS22 server.

Upload and download a savegame to the game server

  • First you have to open the admin webinterface of your FS22 server. You can get there by clicking on "Open admin web interface" in the upper right corner of your Nitrado web interface.


  • Click on the "savegame" tab


Download a Savegame

  • Search for the desired savegame and click on the diskette icon to download it.


Upload a savegame

For this, you'll need to generate a local ZIP file that will be uploaded to the server files:

  • Navigate to the folder ">Documents>My Games>FarmingSimulator2022 ". Open only the folder which has the name of your desired savegame.


  • Mark all files in this folder and compress them into a "ZIP file".
  • Upload this ZIP file only in your LWS22 web interface under "Upload savegame" and then click on "Upload". Before you do this you can assign a slot and a name to your savegame.