Upload a map to an Unturned server

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It is important to remember that Nitrado's technical support team is not authorized to assist you with the server configuration.

Uploading the map

In order to upload your own maps to an Unturned Gameserver, the following steps are necessary.

  • Login to your Nitrado account
  • Navigate to the web interface of your server
  • Stop the server and wait at least 5 minutes
  • Login to your server via FTP
  • Upload a desired map to the /unturned/Maps/ directory. Note that the world is stored directly in this folder. The world can not exist in another subfolder.

Correct: /Unturned/Maps/MYMAP
False: /unturned/Maps/MYMAP/MYMAP/

  • Open the "Comands.bat" configuration file through your webinterface by clicking, Settings > Configuration files > Commands.bat
  • Add the following line: Map MAPNAME (The name of the world is the same as the folder name)


  • Save your settings
  • Start the server

After a short load time the server can be accessed on the new map.