Upload a Savegame to a Farming Simulator 19 Game Server

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This tutorial explains how it is possible to upload a savegame from the "Single Player" to your LWS19 gameserver.

There is only one thing to keep in mind, which is the correct packing of your savegame.

  • Navigate to the directory "Documents > MyGames > Farming's Simulator 19". In this directory you will find folders with the names "Savegame1 , Savegame2, Savegame3".

Fs19 upload savegame1.JPG

  • Now open the desired savegame folder, then mark all files and create a "ZIP" archive using WinRAR.

Fs19 upload savegame2.JPG

  • Now this zip file can be uploaded in the Giants web interface under "Savegames".

Fs19 upload savegame3.JPG

  • And that is it! Now you have uploaded successfully a Savegame to your Farming Simulator 19 Game Server.