Upload a Savegame to a FS17 Server

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The Save game

The save game of Farming Simulator 17 is stored in a .zip file. This can be found in the directory "%USERPROFILE%/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator17/".

The Farming Simulator server save should look like this:

Zip.png savegame1.zip
>> Xml.png barley_growthstate.xml
>> Xml.png careersavegame.xml
>> Unknownmime.png cultivator_density.grle
>> Xml.png drygrass_growthstate.xml
>> Xml.png economy.xml
>> Xml.png fruit_density.grle
>> Xml.png grass_growthstate.xml
>> Xml.png maize_growthstate.xml
>> Xml.png bpotato_growthstate.xml
>> Xml.png rape_growthstate.xml
>> Unknownmime.png stones_density.grle
>> Xml.png sugarbeet_growthstate.xml
>> Xml.png vehicles.xml
>> Xml.png wheat_growthstate.xml

It is important to note that the individual files are not located in further subfolders.

Save Game Upload

The desired game can be uploaded via the Farming Simulator Dedicated Server Web Interface. This is possible at any time under "Save Games":

Savegame upload.png