Update a Minecraft Modpack Server

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There are two methods to use when updating a Minecraft Modpack server (eg: Feed the Beast, Tekkit, ect...). Both methods are explained below in this article.

Update via the Nitrado web interface

An update using the Nitrado web interface is possible. The following steps are necessary to perform the update:

  • Stop the server in the web interface.
  • Create a backup of the world in the Web Interface using the "World Manager" menu.
    • Plugin' configuration files are not backed up.


  • Once the backup has been created, click the "Change Game" button in the Web Interface and select "Reinstall"
  • Now you can have a new mod pack installed on your server or, if necessary, install the latest/different version on your server
  • After the installation is complete, it is necessary to restore the world. Under the menu point "worlds manager" you can now restore of your backup


Update via FTP

Updating by using a FTP Program brings some advantages with it. By using an FTP program, it is only necessary to upload the new data. The following steps are necessary to do this:

  • Stop the server in the web interface. The server should remain stopped while making any changes to the server.
  • Connect via FTP to the game server. For example with the program "FileZilla"
  • Open the folder of the game server (ex. in Feed the Beast is the name of the folder "minecraftftb")
  • Delete all data and folders - except the world!
  • Download the desired server data from the developer
  • Unpack the downloaded server data
  • Upload unpacked server data via FTP to the Game server
  • Rename the .jar to be executed. (Ex. in Feed the Beast it is necessary that the .jar is called "ftbserver.jar")
  • Start the server