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What is Unturned?

Unturned is a sandbox game in the emerging multiplayer apocalyptic survival genre. Rather than focusing on being an MMO, it provides players with easy systems to sit back and survive the zombie infestation with their friends.

Why does my game work badly?

The game is in early access. This means that a lot of work is still being done and is not close to its final quality. As such, game optimization is lacking, however this is currently a major development point.

Will there be new or bigger maps?

Yes! The new map will be 16 times larger than the current PEI map and will be based in North America. Also, there will be a map editor.

How can I craft?

The wiki page here: http://unturned.wikia.com/wiki/Crafting_Recipes and also the steam crafting guides host the current recipes: http://steamcommunity.es/app/304930/guides/#scrollTop=0 for be a review of the brewing system later.

Why can't sometimes make items with the correct recipe?

Make sure you have your crafting skill upgraded to match the item crafting requirements.

How do I create a generator?

You can not. There is no current recipe for the generator, either that or the recipe is unknown. However, the most common places to find a generator are the industrial area at Burywood, or the Alberton or Charlottetown docks.

How do I cook raw food?

You have to make a fire first. When standing by a campfire, a fire icon appears in the crafting interface. Click on the fire to start using it, then drag your raw food into the supply window.

Can I recover structures that I have placed?

At the moment there is no way to recover the structures you have placed. The only way to eliminate them is to destroy them.

Is there a creative mode?

Not currently, but creative mode is confirmed to be in the planning phase.

Are your character's abilities reset when you die?

Yes, every time you die, the skills and experience are cut in half.

Can I have more than one character?

Not currently, but it has been confirmed that several character slots have been planned. In addition to specialization and greater customization, you can create the character you want.

Can I store items in a vehicle?

No, however, it is a planned feature. You can attach storage items such as a box to a vehicle, instead of the vehicle storage items.

Will there ever be more vehicles?

Yes, however PEI is currently too small to accommodate a larger selection of vehicles. It is surely something that will be expanded on later. Also, the workshop will surely provide many vehicles.

How do I change the version of Unturned?

Right-click on Unturned and click "Properties."in the "Betas" tab, there is a drop down list. Open it and select the version you want to play: "NONE: disable all beta programs" will select version 3.0, "Classic" will select version 2.2.5. "Old" Will select version 1.1.

Dropped items? What are those?

You can get random items by playing the game. These items are purely cosmetic. The weapon skins are ... well, skins for the weapons that you can find in the game. In other words, it makes them look different. The other skins are garments that will appear constantly on your character. Note that they are different from the ones you actually use (if you don't wear anything and have skins equipped, you still won't be able to save many items in your inventory). You can toggle between furs and worn clothing by clicking the button next to your character on the inventory screen.

What is the best weapon?

It depends on the range and the circumstances, but personally I go for a semi-automatic sniper, like Snayperskya or Grizzly, with a mid-range sight like a halo sight or a red dot sight equipped, plus a long-range sight in my inventory. When I need to connect from a low-mid range, I use the low-range optics. When I need to shoot long range, I use the scope.

Most assault rifles, especially the Maplestrike, are also very good when you equip them with accessories and high-capacity clips like drum magazines.

What is the best armor?

Spec Ops gear (shirt, pants, vest, helmet) reduces the most damage than any other armor. However, the Spec Ops backpack has less space than the Alicepack, so it is recommended to use an Alicepack instead, as the damage reduction is negligible.

Which clothing has the most inventory space?

Alicepack has the largest storage capacity of any