Total Conversion Mod installation for ARK:SE Server

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Here we will learn how to install total conversion mods to your Nitrado server. Total conversion mods are a conversion for the server to alter engrams, gameplay, items, and more. They offer more then just a basic mod, adding a variety of things to the game.

How do I install Total Conversions?

  • Log in to your Nitrado account on
  • Navigate to 'My Services' and open the server's web interface (3 gears symbol)
  • Stop the game server and wait for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Go to Settings > Mods + Workshop
  • Enter the Total Conversion ModID into the "Total Conversion Mod ID" field and "Active ModID" field
  • "Save changes"
  • Restart your server, it will download and install the map for you.
  • Start your game in the proper version to connect to the server