Tickrate Icons in Battlefield 4

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What is the meaning of the ingame icons and their color

This page describes the meaning of each icon in Battlefield 4. It also discusses how the colors are to be interpreted and what causes the icons. This documentation comes from an official announcement by Dice.


The following icons exist in the game. The list separates basically between difficulties with the game client, the server and the PC itself. "Warnings" are marked orange and do not point to concrete difficulties. Therefore, in most cases these can be ignored. However, red icons point to specific problems with the respective component and should be checked urgently, otherwise problems with the game may occur.

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Gameserver Performance Icons

Icon Description
Server performance warning.jpg Again, orange icons are just a warning that there may be trouble. The orange server icon also means that the game server may be exposed to increased load.
Server performance servere.jpg The red server icon indicates that the game server has difficulty providing the game flow, and is already experiencing difficulties. This can be caused by an overload or a too high of a tick rate in relation to the current number of players. The server should be left when the red icon appears.

Client Performance Icons

Icon Description
Packet loss warning.jpg An orange "chain" indicates that there is a packet loss on the client side. In this case, the Internet connection should be checked beforehand and, if necessary, a traceroute to the Gameserver should be carried out:


Packet loss servere.jpg If the icon turns red, this means that the lag will increase significantly. The Internet connection is severely impaired, so normal game play can not be guaranteed.
High latency warning.jpg The following icon will be displayed as soon as the latency (ping) to the Game server reaches too high a value and the game flow is possibly affected.
High latency servere.jpg The icon turns red as soon as the latency reaches a critical value with which normal play is no longer possible. It is recommended to check the Internet connection urgently.
Latency variation warning.jpg As soon as the latency (ping) fluctuates unusually often and therefore different events can no longer be executed smoothly, the orange symbol for the variable latency is displayed.
Latency variation servere.jpg If the icon turns red, the latency will continue to fluctuate and affect the gameplay greatly. Also, here it is advised to urgently check the Internet connection.
Low fps warning.jpg The following message is displayed as soon as the FPS (Frames Per Second) link below the set tick rate of the game server. This leads to difficulties during playing.
Low fps servere.jpg Again, a red message confirms that the FPS (Frames Per Second) are way too low to play on the selected server. It is recommended to lower the tick rate or select another server.