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General Information

The Nitrado Board is a relatively large forum, with over 140,000 members. Many of these registered users are active and happy to help with problems or questions that arise during the use of our services. Nitrado support will often refer to the Nitrado Board, as -already mentioned- many people like to help and are practically professionals with configuring our services. With more than 110,000 topics and around 250 contributions per day, the Nitrado Board is a large community that is constantly growing.


Direct registration to the forum alone is not possible. If you would like to participate on the Nitrado Board, you will need a account. Once this has been created, you can enter the forum via the navigation bar on the home page and a forum account will be created automatically.


In order for this community to thrive peacefully, there are some rules that should be observed during the use of the Nitrado Board. Various infringments will yield points. How these points are used is outlined in Sanktionen erläutert.

 Insults - 5 points
 Begging - 3 points
 Bypassing the dual post lock (repeat post within 24h) - 3 points
 Double thread - 1 point
 Incorrect area (repeat offense) - 2 points
 Illegal Inquiry - 4 points
 Consistently ignore the spelling rules! - 2 points
 Meaningless post - 3 points
 Inappropriate font - 1 point
 Inappropriate tone - 2 points
 Repeatedly ignore thread template - 4 points


The points gained from violating forum rules are used for imposing sanctions. If a certain point number has been reached, sanctions will be placed on the offender as follows:

 10 points - Temporary Ban 1 (3 days)
 20 points - Temporary Ban 2 (14 days)
 30 points - Permanent Ban


The Nitrado Board contains 4 different ranks:

 User/ Customer
 Nitrado Employees

- The rank "User/Customer" should be self-explanatory. It represents the "normal" user and is the default group. Users of this group have the standard rights (create/read topics, edit/delete own topics or posts...).

- The rank "moderator" is the next group. The is given by Nitrado to users who have been active for a long time in the forum and are helpful and positive. You receive extended rights (posting/deleting topics/posts, editing foreign topics or editing posts...).

- The ranks "Nitrado employees" and "" are the highest group, and both represent people working for Nitrado. They have just about every permission.