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Rent your own prepaid Minecraft server on nitrado.net

The "Technic" Servermodpacks need a special client to join the server. The client can be found in technicpack.net.


The Launcher can be downloaded here.

How do I install the Launcher?

An installation is not needed. You only need to start the launcher and select a mod pack. It will automatically download it to your client.

What can I configure in this Launcher?

Click on the options button on the bottom right.

  • Select Modpack build
    This option can't be used if you have "Always use recommended build" enabled. If you set this option to "Always use development builds" the launcher will always use development builds. If you set the option to "Manual build selection" you can specify which build to use.
  • Retry after connection timeout
    If the log in fails, the Launcher will automatically try to log in again.
  • Include worlds when doing automated backup
    This option enables automated backups.
  • Memory to allocate:
    This option specifies the amount of system memory(RAM) will be used. The more, the better.