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How to become an Admin on my Nitrado-hosted Teamspeak 3 server?

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To become an admin, simply log in to the Webinterface of yourTeamspeak3 server. You then select locate the Teamspeak Group section at the bottom of the page and click on the "New Token" button.

After that you connect to your Teamspeak 3 server and click on "Use Privilege Key" in the "Permissions" tab.
You than should have gained admin rights on your server.

To assign admin rights to other users, just right-click them and select "Server Group" -> "Server Admin".

How do I assign a Password to log into my Teamspeak Channel?

To set a password users must enter before they enter your Teamspeak channel, first right-click the " voiceserver" and click "Edit Virtual Server". Enter your password into the password field and accept your changes. Confirm your password and then non-admin users will need to reenter the password to enter your Voiceserver.

Change the Channel Banner

To change your Channel Banner, first locate a picture URL you wish to use. Next, right-click " voiceserver" and click "Edit Virtual Server" Once there, locate "Banner Gfx URL" and paste the picture's URL into the field. (The second field is designed to link you to another page, should a user click it. You may leave this blank if you wish.)

How do I create a channel?

In order to create a new channel you have to right-click the channel overview and then click on "Create Channel". That should open a dialogue asking for a name. Enter a name and a password for the new channel and select a channel icon. When you are done adjusting the settings, click on "Ok" to save everything and the channel will be created.

Log in to the Psychokiller Webinterface

To access the Psychokiller Webinterface you need to create a ServerQuery login.

Click on "ServerQuery Login"
Enter a username.
The login screen of the Webinterface

To do so, you click on the "Tools" tab and select "ServerQuery Login" in the dropdown menu.

You now enter your username (moste likely the one you used to register at and click "Ok".

Note down the credentials displayed in the new dialogue window.
Now go ro your Nitrado Webinterface of your Teamspeak 3 server and select "Psychkiller Webinterface" in the left menu. Click the link with the same title go access the Webinterface.

Select your server in the first dropdown menu (eg. You can get your servers name on your Account hompage in the "My Servers" tab or in the Teamspeak servers Webinterface. Now you need to enter the credentials from earlier and you are ready to go.
Click on Login.

Export identity

By exporting your Teamspeak 3 identity you can reuse it even after reinstalling your server. All you need to do is open your Teamspeak 3 client and click on "Settings" and then on "Identity", then you need to select the user you wish to export and click on "Export" (who guessed so?). A dialogue should be poping up, asking you where to save the identity file. The safest way is to locate it on an external USB drive.

If you now want to reuse your stored identity, just reopen the identity manager as earlier explained ("Settings" -> "Identities") and click on "Import". You then provide the location of your exported identity file and confirm everything. You can now use your old identity profile with all its rights.

External server viewer

In order to successfully display server banners from, and similar, you need to assign the following rights to the server group "Guest":

- b_virtualserver_info_view
- b_virtualserver_channelgroup_list
- b_virtualserver_servergroup_list
- b_virtualserver_client_list
- b_virtualserver_channel_list
- b_serverinstance_wiev

Admin Server Query

You will neither get access to the Admin Server Query nor will we hand out the server admin password to you because these are for global use.