Steam Workshop Maps in Counter Strike: Global Offensive

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In our web interface, we offer a function to easily integrate content from the Steam Community Workshop into an existing server. In the following, the exact sequence as well as the use of the "Workshop Settings" function will be explained further.


Before it is possible to use the contents of the workshop via the web interface of the Nitrado server, a few steps are necessary.

1. Web API key

To authenticate any requests from the server to the Steam Workshop, we need a so-called "Web API key". This can be created completely free of charge directly on the Steam website: API key request
In the field "Domain name", the API key should not be only for the game server, but also for a web application the domain (eg be registered. Otherwise, for example, can be written into the field. Afterward, the terms of Steam have to be confirmed and an API key can be created by clicking on the "Register" button. It can be stored in a password database or on the PC, but this step is not necessary since this key is displayed every time the linked web page is accessed.

2. Steam Workshop Collection

Various, mostly free, additional content for various games, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this case, if more than one card is to be used, it is possible at any time to combine several contents into a collection, a so-called collection. This greatly facilitates the handling of these contents. Here, you can use the "Browse" tab to search the workshop for maps, items, and finished collections for the game.

Using an existing collection

They look for a collection already created ... and copy the ID. The ID is the numbers at the end of the URL of the collection: for example your ID would be 433528668.

Create a new collection

There is also the possibility of adding your own collection. For this, they create a collection in the Steam Workshop and add the mods, maps, and others they want. Once finished, they use the same step above.


If all preparations are completed, it is now possible to integrate the workshop collection via the web interface of the game server. To do this, the "Workshop settings" option is used in the left-hand side menu of the web interface

1. Save the collection in the web interface

In the web interface, it is now necessary to store the Steam Web API key as well as the ID of the collection. The two fields "Map ID" and "Startmap ID" are still empty.

Afterwards you can permanently save your settings by clicking on "Save".

2. Restart the server

As the last step, it is necessary to restart the Gameserver so that it takes over all settings. It should be noted here that the server now downloads all contents contained in the collection into the folder csgo / csgo / maps / workshop . Depending on the size of the collection as well as the current utilization of the Steam Download Server, this can take some time. After that, the server should be started with the desired content and can be entered in the game under "Community Server".