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Include Workshop Maps

1. Web API key

In order to be able to install and play maps from the workshop on your own game server, a Web API key is needed first. You can generate this key on the Steam page: Web API key
Enter the key in the web interface under "Workshop Settings -> Steam Web-API-Key". More info

2. Maps to a collection

Create a new collection in the Steam Hub of your respective game in the Workshop tab. Insert the desired maps here and save the list. Alternatively, you can use one of the many already existing packages. Steam Workshop

3. Enter the ID into the web interface

If you have opened the collection on Steam, the end of the address bar is "id". Copy the number and then insert the ID in the web interface under "Workshop Settings -> Collection ID". More info

4. Restart the server

Restart the Gameserver. Even if the status in the web interface is "Started", the maps still have to be downloaded from the Steam server. Depending on the size of the Map packet, this can take different times.

Webinterface -> Workshop Settings