Spawn Creatures/Enemies/and NPCs in Dark and Light

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In order to spawn Creatures/NPC's, you must first be an admin. If you do not know how to become an admin then we suggest taking a look at these helpful instructions:

How to Spawn Creatures/Enemies/and NPC's

To spawn a creature/enemy you will have to type in the console "Summon <creature ID>"
Example: summon ghost_character_bp_c

Spawn Commands
Command Description
Wraith Ghost_Character_bp_c
Gryphon Gryphon_Character_bp_c
Cyclops Cyclops_Character_bp_c
Wyvern Wyvern_Character_bp_c
Horse Horse_Character_bp_c
Fire Imp Balrog_Character_bp_c
Goblin Goblin_Character_bp_c
Unicorn Unicorn_Character_bp_c
Pegasus Pegasus_Character_bp_c
Wolf Wolf_Character_bp_c
Skeleton Skeleton_Character_bp_c
Stirge Hydrellia_Character_bp_c
Elephant Elephant_Character_bp_c
Panther Panther_Character_bp_c