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In order to inform your players with automatic messages about restarts, your website, your Discord server or something else, it is necessary to correct the commands in the "messages.xml" accordingly.

After the successful installation, the content of the file is "commented out". As a result, the commands exist but are ignored by the server.

DayZ requires 4 server restarts per day due to game cache storage, this can cause lag, high ping, connection timeouts, or player desynchronization.  The game developers recommend restarting the server 4-6 times a day to prevent performance issues from happening.  We suggest setting those restarts in the.xml files.

messages.xml file

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
See <nowiki></nowiki> for more information
Example messages:

1) following message will be displayed to every player in countdown manner
and shuts down server in 10 hours from its start

<text>This server (#name) will shutdown in #tmin minutes.</text>
2) following message will be displayed every 15 minutes to every player

<text>You're playing on my server (#name). Thank you .)</text>

3) following message will be displayed every 50 minutes to every player
and 10 minutes after player connect

<text>Check our web page at</text>

4) following message will be displayed once
and 2 minutes after player connect

<text>Welcome to my server #name</text>


To activate the commands it is necessary to stop the server and remove the comment commands, they look like this:



  • onconnect

Displays the message as soon as a player enters the server

  • repeat

Repeat the message

  • countown

Counts down the time given The message is sent every 90 minutes before the entered time is reached:

    • Countdown steps:
      • 60 Minutes
      • 45 Minutes
      • 30 Minutes
      • 20 Minutes
      • 15 Minutes
      • 10 Minutes
      • 5 Minutes
      • 2 Minutes
      • 1 Minute
  • shutdown

Indicates that the server will be stopped after COuntdown has ended If countdown is not set, shutdown is ignored


Messages cannot be longer than 160 characters! There are 3 placeholders (variables) which can be set:

  • #name Shows the name of the server
  • #port Shows the port of the server
  • #tmin Displays the number of minutes remaining (countdown)
    • Only works with countdown

Any time in the messages.xml is in minutes!


  • Can be used if "onconnect" is set
  • The value shows how many minutes pass before the message is displayed to the player
  • If 0 (zero) was entered as a value, the message will be displayed directly when entering the server


  • Repeats the corresponding message after the specified period


  • Can be used during countdown


The "messages.xml" file can be found in the following folder: dayz/mpmissions/dayzOffline.chermarusplus/db/


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

	<! - This is an example configuration for the notification of a server stop ->

<!-- no delay-->
<delay> 0 </delay>

<!-- If the value is higher than 0 (zero), the message is repeated-->
<repeat> 0 </repeat>

<!-- If the value is higher than 0 (zero), the countdown is activated. In this example the countdown lasts 10 hours (600 minutes)-->
<deadline> 600 </deadline>

<!-- deactivates "onConnect", 1 activates the flag-->
<onConnect> 0 </onConnect>

<!-- activates the "shutdown" flag, is deactivated with 0 (zero)-->
<shutdown> 1 </shutdown>

<!-- message that is displayed with variables-->
<text> Hello, #name will be stopped in #tmin minutes! </text>

Ad for the website / Discord Server

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>

	<!-- This is a sample configuration for displaying the website / Discord Server-->

<!-- 5 minutes delay-->
<delay> 5 </delay>

<!-- repetition every 30 minutes-->
<repeat> 30 </repeat>

<!-- No countdown / no deadline-->
<deadline> 0 </deadline>

<!-- When a player enters the server-->
<onConnect> 1 </onConnect>

<!-- shutdown deactivated-->
<shutdown> 0 </shutdown>

<!-- message that is displayed with variables-->
<text> Hello, welcome to #name! Visit our website at or our Discord server </text>