Server commands on SCP: SECRET LABORATORY

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Here you will learn everything about the server commands on SCP: SECRET LABORATORY.

Live server console

  • Navigate to your Nitrado web interface
  • Go to Tools -> Live Server Console On the left side of the page.
  • Type the following command Help, and enter.
  • This will open up a full list of the available console commands.
  • Type any command from the following list to get their effect activated.

Available commands

Here is a list of all the available and usable commands on the live console.

Command Description Example
BAN [Player nickname] [Minutes or Time] Bans de selected player for the desired time BAN elisauriorex 10m

NOTE: You can only type part of the nickname

FORCESTART Forces the round to start FORCESTART
ROUNDRESTART Forces the round to restart ROUNDRESTART
HELLO Tests if server is responding HELLO
FORCERESTART Stops the server and restarts it. FORCERESTART
SEED Shows the current map seed in order to re-generate level in the future SEED
BANREFRESH Forces ban database to refresh BANREFRESH
SOFTRESTART Restarts the server, but tells all the players to reconnect after the restart SOFTRESTART
UPTIME Displays the uptime (in rounds) of the server UPTIME
ARGS Prints all startup args ARGS
BUILDINFO Prints info about the current build BUILDINFO
HELP Returns all commands with their descriptions and aliases or displays help for specified command HELP
IP Returns the IP used when connecting to central servers IP
RIDLIST Prints a list of all room ids RIDLIST
GIVE <ITEM> Gives an item to all players. GIVE ITEM#000
ITEMLIST Prints a list of all available items. ITEMLIST
CLASSLIST Prints a list of all available classes. CLASSLIST