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Where is the latest.log?

When you wanna see or download the latest.log ( latest serverlog ), you've to open your Webinterface and go to Information > Logfiles. There you've your latest.log.


Where can I find the other logs?

The other .log-Files you can find in your Filebrowser. Go into the following path: /minecraftbukkit/logs - There are all other server.log's.


What is written in the server.log?

Starting minecraft server version x.x.x

Your server is starting on the minecraft version x.x.x.

Loading properties

Your server is loging the propertie - file.


Your game type is loading.

Generating keypair

The key for special access is going to get generated.

Starting Minecraft Server on

Your server is starting with this ip adress and port.

This server is running CraftBukkit version xxx

On minecraft bukkit servers is here the version of craftbukkit shown.

Preparing level "WORLDNAME"

Your server is loading the world with the name "WORLDNAME"

Preparing start region for level 0 (Seed: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)

That means, your server is starting to create a world with this seed.

Preparing spawn area: xx%

The percentage shows you the state of the world-creation.

Setting default query port to 25565

The normal port of the server was set to 25565