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What is the server-icon?

Since Minecraft-Version 1.7.2 it is possible to set a custom server-icon on servers. This icon needs to be 64 px high and wide. This server-icon can be seen on the server list in Minecraft.

Server Icon Minecraft.png

How to set the server icon?

The server-icon.png is located in the folder minecraft or minecraftbukkit. If BungeeCord is used this file have to be placed in the folder BungeeCord. By default, this icon already exists and have to be edited only.

To edit this server-icon.png we recommend downloading this file. This is possible whilst clicking on the Download-Button (Dl button file browser.png) in front of this file. Now, this file can be edited. Please make sure that this file still has the size 64x64 px and the format of this file is png. Now you only have to delete the old server-icon.png and replace that with the modified one.


After restarting the server it should load the new server-icon.