Saved World Options and Settings for Space Engineers

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New game/Saved worlds option

For you to review all the worlds generated in your server please navigate to the next route on your File browser Spaceeng_profile > Saves.

In this folder you will find all the saved worlds that are on your server, for you to load any world, you will need to change the worlds name exactly as the folder name of the desired save, on your web interface under Settings > General.

SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg Settings

Access the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg by navigating to your Nitrado webinterface and go to "Tools > Filebrowser" to locate your files.

Navigate this file path:

  • /spaceeng_profile/SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg

These setting described below can be found in the SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg.

  • Scenario can only be chosen for the “New game” option
  • GameMode sets the current game mode to creative or survival
  • InventorySizeMultiplier Sets the inventory size of all container objects and players in the game. 3x would allow players to carry 1,200 l. (3 * 400)
  • AssemblerSpeedMultiplier Sets how fast the assembler works.
  • AssemblerEfficiencyMultiplier Sets assembler efficiency. Items produced by the assembler will use ingots divided by this number.
  • RefinerySpeedMultiplier Sets how fast the refineries convert ore to ingots.
  • MaxPlayers Sets the maximum number of players, there seems to be no restriction here. Keep in mind that more players requires more server resources.
  • MaxFloatingObjects Sets the maximum number of floating items in the game, it is recommended to set this to a lower number to keep lag to a minimum.
  • EnviromentHostility Sets the environment setting, keep in mind that a hostile environment is hostile 24/7, even when players are not connected to the server.
  • AutoHealing If yes, players will heal if they are not actively taking damage
  • EnableCopyPaste Creative Setting only. Allows copy and paste function on the server
  • WeaponsEnabled Allows weapons to shoot
  • ShowPlayerNamesOnHud Shows player names if they are unobstructed regardless of distance between them.
  • ThrusterDamage Toggles thruster effect damage on and off
  • CargoShipsEnabled Toggles cargo ships.
  • Enablespectator Allows spectator player slots.
  • Removetrash The server will automatically remove debris based on size, movement, and player distance from the object.
  • WorldsizeKm Set the size of the world cube. a setting of 0 is considered 'infinite'.
  • Respawn ship delete Ships used for player respawn will be automatically managed and deleted by the server.
  • ResetOwnership Starting a server with this setting enabled will set all objects to no owner.
  • Welderspeedmultiplier Higher values increase welding speed; Lower values decrease welding speed.
  • Grinderspeedmultiplier Higher values increase grinding speed; Lower values decrease grinding speed.
  • RealisticSoundToggles realistic sound. Presumably an immersion option where certain sounds are more muted, pronounced, or available within an interior or cockpit.
  • ClientCansave Allows connected players to save the server map. It is recommended to leave this setting off unless trouble shooting.
  • HackspeedMultiplier Higher values increase the speed of the "hacking" grinder mechanic. Lower values decrease hacking speed.
  • Permanentdeath When enabled, players lose all ownership of objects upon death. The player can still respawn and start fresh.
  • AutoSave in Minutes Set the frequency the server will save the map.
  • Spawnship time multiplier Higher values increase the time that server side spawn ships become available upon death.
  • ProceduralDensity Changing this affects how close together seeded asteroids spawn.
  • ProceduralSeed Presumeably any numerical value placed here will generate and save an asteroid seed. IE: You could change the seed number and then come back to the previous seed number and the asteroids would still be in their previous locations.
  • DestructableBlocks Toggles whether or not blocks can be destroyed.
  • Enableingamescripts Allows scripts loaded from in game computer terminals to work.
  • ViewDistance Set the distance of how far each client can see/render objects.
  • FloraDensity Planets only setting??
  • Enabletool shake Toggles whether tools and objects attached to the tool shake when in use. Disable to reduce cpu load.
  • VoxelGenerator Version Currently, this only controls whether or not ICE will spawn on asteroids. Version 0 Will have no ice. Version 1 has the first iteration of ice. Version 2 has the current iteration of ice.
  • EnableOxygen Toggles whether or not oxygen can be used/is needed for players to survive.
  • Enable3rd person view Toggles whether or not players can switch to third person via keyboard bind.
  • Enableencounters Toggles the random spawning of player made ships/points of interest that were officially imported to the game. (procedural option only?).
  • Enableflora Planets only setting??
  • EnableStationVoxelSupport Toggles whether stations built on asteroids snap to the asteroid grid.
  • EnableSunRotation Toggles whether or not the sun rotates around the area of play.
  • Disablerespawnships /carts Disable respawn ships.
  • PhysicalIterations Set how often the server cpu checks for physics. (Collision). 4 is considered a moderate setting while 10 is very high. A popular server will want a low setting.
  • Sunrotationintervalminutes How quickly the sun completes a rotation. Higher values will slow it down.
  • Enablejetpack Enable/Disable player jetpacks.
  • Spawnwithtools Enable/Disable players spawning with hand tools.
  • Enablevoxel destruction Enable/Disable destructable asteroids.
  • Enabledrones Enable/Disable hostile NPC drones

(Warning: Values that are out of the range, allowed by the game user interface, are not tested and are officially unsupported. They can seriously effect the game experience and performance)