Rocket Mod for Unturned

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The RocketMod is no longer developed by the developers! The website is now also no longer active. > GitHub

What is Rocket for Unturned? Rocket is a way to enable additional functions and plugins and allows the editing of individual games.


The Rocket Mod is only available in an old version, which can be found in the following archived GitHub repository. For installation the is required, please download and extract this .zip file.

How can I install this mod?

  • Stop your server and wait 3 minutes
  • Connect to your FTP guide here
  • Navigate to the /unturned/ directory
  • The extracted folder (Not the zipped folder,) is uploaded here
  • Restart your server

To give Admin rights

The rights can be edited in the following /unturned/Servers/Nitrado/Rocket/Permissions.config.xml file in the file browser.

You can find/edit this in the Filebrowser under "Tools" at any time (Make sure to stop your server first!)